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Text Abbreviations and Meanings

Abbreviation Meaning
@$$ Ass
@h Asshole
b@ Banned
c@ Cat
th@ That
f@ Fat
ch@ Chat
lol@u Laugh Out Loud At You
10q Thank You
10x Thanks
133t Elite
1ab Wannabe
2b To Be
2g2bt Too Good To Be True
2m Tomorrow
2ma Tomorrow
2mo Tomorrow
2moro Tomorrow
2mrw Tomorrow
2sday Tuesday
2u2 To You Too
3q Thank You
3u Thank You
4col For Crying Out Loud
4fs For Fuck’s Sake
4give Forgive
4head Forehead
4ker Fucker
4lyfe For Life
4m Form
4n Phone
4q Fuck You
4rm From
4sho For Sure
53x Sex
5n Fine
5o Police
a.i.m. Aol Instant Messanger
a&f Always And Forever
a1t Anyone There
A2A Ask To Answer
a3 Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
a4u All For You
aabf As A Best Friend
aaf As A Friend
aak Alive And Kicking
aamof As A Matter Of Fact
aatw All Around The World
abd Already Been Done
aboot About
abt About
acc Account
acct Account
ack Acknowledged
addy Address
adn Any Day Now
aeap As Early As Possible
af Assface
afaic As Far As I’m Concerned
afaicr As Far As I Can Remember
afaics As Far As I Can See
afaict As Far As I Can Tell
afair As Far As I Recall
afaiu As Far As I Understand
afc Away From Computer
afg Away From Game
afk Away From Keyboard
afkb Away From Keyboard
ah Ass Hole
aight Alright
aiight All Right
aimmc Am I Making Myself Clear
aite Alright
aitr Adult In The Room
aiui As I Understand It
alaylm As Long As You Love Me
alol Actually Laughing Out Loud
alot A Lot
alrite Alright
ama Ask Me Anything
aml All My Love
ams Ask Me Something
anl All Night Long
anw Anyways
any1 Anyone
aoc Age Of Consent
aoe Age Of Empires
aos Adult Over Shoulder
aota All Of The Above
apoc Apocalypse
appt Appointment
arse Ass
asafp As Soon As Fucking Possible
asaik As Soon As I Know
ase Age, Sex, Ethnicity
asf And So Forth
ashl Asshole
ashole Asshole
asl Age, Sex, Location
aslp Age, Sex, Location, Picture
aslr Age Sex Location Race
asshle Asshole
atab Ain’t That A Bitch
atl Atlanta
atm At The Moment
ato Against The Odds
atop At Time Of Posting
atp Answer The Phone
atw All The Way
aty According To You
aufm Are You Fucking Mental
aup Acceptable Use Policy
av7x Avenged Sevenfold
avsb A Very Special Boy
avvie Avatar
awes Awesome
awk Awkward
awsm Awesome
awty Are We There Yet
ayd Are You Done
ayec At Your Earliest Convenience
ayfk Are You Fucking Kidding
ayfkm Are You Fucking Kidding Me
aykm Are You Kidding Me
aypi And Your Point Is
ays Are You Serious
aysm Are You Shitting Me?
ayst Are You Still There
ayt Are You There
ayte Alright
ayw As You Wish
azn Asian
b-cuz Because
b2b Business To Business
b2w Back To Work
b4 Before
b4n Bye For Now
b8 Bait
bab Big Ass Boobs
babi Baby
baf Bring A Friend
bah I Don’t Really Care
bai Bye
bb Bye Bye
bb4n Bye-Bye For Now
bbbj Bare Back Blow Job
bbe Baby
bbf Best Boy Friend
bbfn Bye Bye For Now
bbfs Best Boyfriends
bbg Baby Girl
bbi Baby
bbiab Be Back In A Bit
bbiaf Be Back In A Few
bbiaw Be Back In A While
bbim Be Back In Minute
bbk Be Back, Ok?
bbl Be Back Later
bbm Blackberry Messenger
bbml Be Back Much Later
bbn Be Back Never
bbol Be Back Online Later
bbp Banned By Parents
bbs Be Back Soon
bbw Be Back Whenever
bbwb Best Buddy With Boobs
bbwe Be Back Whenever
bbwl Be Back Way Later
bby Baby
bbz Babes
bc Because
bck Back
bcnu Be Seeing You
bcoz Because
bcuz Because
bd Birthday
bday Birthday
beatch Bitch
bebe Baby
becuz Because
beech Bitch
beeoch Bitch
beezy Bitch
beotch Bitch
besos Kisses
betch Bitch
bewb Boob
bewbs Boobs
bewbz Boobs
bewt Boot
beyotch Bitch
bf Boyfriend
bf4l Best Friends For Life
bfam Brother From Another Mother
bffa Best Friends For Always
bffae Best Friends Forever And Ever
bffe Best Friends Forever
bffeae Best Friend For Ever And Ever
bffl Best Friends For Life
bffn Best Friends For Now
bfh Bitchh From Hell
bfn Bye For Now
bfs Boyfriends
bft Big Fucking Tits
bg Background
bh Bloody Hell
biach Bitch
biatch Bitch
bibi Bye Bye
bich Bitch
bii Bye
bilf Brother I’d Like To Fuck
biotch Bitch
bioya Blow It Out Your Ass
bish Bitch
bisly But I Still Love You
biw Boss Is Watching
biwm Bisexual White Male
biz Business
bizi Busy
biznatch Bitch
biznitch Bitch
bizzle Bitch
bj Blowjob
bk Back
bl Bad Luck
bleme Blog Meme
blg Blog
blj Blowjob
blk Black
blkm Black Male
blnt Better Luck Next Time
blu Blue
bm Bite Me
bma Best Mates Always
bmf Be My Friend
bmfe Best Mates Forever
bmfl Best Mates For Life
bml Bless My Life
bmoc Big Man On Campus
bmvp Be My Valentine Please
bn Been
bng Being
bnib Brand New In Box
bnol Be Nice Or Leave
bnr Banner
bobfoc Body Of Baywatch, Face Of Crimewatch
bobw Best Of Both Worlds
boffum Both Of Them
bogo Buy One Get One
bohic Bend Over Here It Comes
bohica Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
boi Boy
bol Barking Out Loud
bord Bored
bos Boss Over Shoulder
botoh But On The Other Hand
bout About
bovered Bothered
bowt About
bpot Big Pair Of Tits
brah Brother
brb Be Right Back
brbl Be Right Back Later
brd Bored
brgds Best Regards
brh Be Right Here
brk Break
bros Brothers
broseph Brother
brover Brother
brt Be Right There
bruh Brother
bruhh Brother
bruv Brother
bruva Brother
bs Bullshit
bt Bit Torrent
btb By The By
btch Bitch
btd Bored To Death
btdt Been There Done That
btdtgtts Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
btfl Beautiful
btfo Back The Fuck Off
bth Be Totally Honest
btm Bottom
btr Better
bts Be There Soon
btsoom Beats The Shit Out Of Me
bttt Been There, Tried That
btw By The Way
btwn Between
bty Back To You
bubi Bye
bur Pussy
bw3 Buffalo Wild Wings
bwoc Big Woman On Campus
bwt But When Though
byak Blowing You A Kiss
byes Bye Bye
bykt But You Knew That
byoc Bring Our Own Computer
byoh Bring Your Own High
byow Bring Your Own Weed
bytch Bitch
bz Busy
bzns Buisness
bzy Busy
c.y.a Cover Your Ass
c&c Command And Conquer
c2 Come To
c2c Care To Chat?
cam Camera
cawk Cock
cb Come Back
cba Can’t Be Arsed
cbb Can’t Be Bothered
cbf Cant Be Fucked
cbfa Can’t Be Fucking Arsed
cd9 Code 9
cfm Come Fuck Me
cg Congratulations
cgaf Couldn’t Give A Fuck
cgf Cute Guy Friend
char Character
chik Chick
chilax Chill And Relax In One Word
chillin Relaxing
chk Check
chr Character
chu You
chut Pussy
cid Consider It Done
cig Cigarette
cing Seeing
ciwwaf Cute Is What We Aim For
cless Clanless
clm Cool Like Me
cmao Crying My Ass Off
cmb Comment Me Back
cmiiw Correct Me If I’m Wrong
cmt Comment
cmw Cutting My Wrists
cn Can
cnc Command And Conquer
cnt Can’t
cob Close Of Business
cod Call Of Duty
cohf Cum On Her Face
code 9 Parents Are Watching
cof Crying On The Floor
cof Crying On The Floor
comnt Comment
convo Conversation
cood Could
cpl Cyber Athlete Professional League
cptn Captain
cpy Copy
cr Can’t Remember
cs Counter-Strike
csi Crime Scene Investigation
cskr Cock Sucker
csl Can’t Stop Laughing
ct Can’t Talk
ctf Capture The Flag
ctfd Calm The Fuck Down
ctfo Chill The Fuck Out
ctfu Cracking The Fuck Up
ctm Chuckle To Myself
ctt Change The Topic
cu46 See You For Sex
cud Could
cul8r See You Later
cul8tr See You Later
culd Could
cunt Vagina
cuom See You On Monday
cuple Couple
cuz Because
cuzz Because
cwd Comment When Done
cwm Come With Me
cwyl Chat With Ya Later
cyal See You Later
cyas See You Soon
cye Close Your Eyes
cym Check Your Mail
cyt See You Tomorrow
cyu See You
d.t.f Down To Fuck
d.w Don’t Worry
d2 Diablo 2
d8 Date
da The
dafuq What The Fuck
dah Dumb As Hell
damhik Don’t Ask Me How I Know
damhikt Don’t Ask Me How I Know This
dass Dumb Ass
dats That’s
dawg Friend
dayum Damn
dayumm Damn
db Database
db4l Drinking Buddy For Life
dbab Don’t Be A Bitch
dbag Douchebag
dbeyr Don’t Believe Everything You Read
dbh Don’t Be Hating
dcw Doing Class Work
ddf Drug And Disease Free
ddg Drop Dead Gorgeous
ddl Direct Download
ded Dead
deets Details
deez These
def Definitely
defs Definitely
dem Them
dept Department
der There
detai Don’t Even Think About It
dewd Dude
df Dumb Fuck
dfc Don’t Fucking Care
dftc Down For The Count
dfw Down For Whatever
dfwm Don’t Fuck With Me
dg Don’t Go
dga Don’t Go Anywhere
dgaf Don’t Give A Fuck
dgas Don’t Give A Shit
dgt Don’t Go There
dgu Don’t Give Up
dhly Does He Like You
dhv Demonstration Of Higher Value
diaf Die In A Fire
dick Penis
diff Difference
dih Dick In Hand
diku Do I Know You
dil Daughter In Law
dilf Dad I’d Like To Fuck
dilligad Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
dilligaf Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
dilligas Do I Look Like I Give A Shit
dk Don’t Know
dl Download
dlf Dropping Like Flies
dln Don’t Look Now
dm Deathmatch
dmaf Do Me A Favor
dmi Don’t Mention It
dmn Damn
dmu Don’t Mess Up
dmy Don’t Mess Yourself
dn Don’t Know
dnd Do Not Disturb
dnk Do Not Know
dno Don’t Know
dnt Don’t
dnw Do Not Want
dod Day Of Defeat
doin Doing
donno Don’t Know
dontcha Don’t You
dood Dude
doodz Dudes
dos Denial Of Service
dp Display Picture
drc Don’t Really Care
drood Druid
dsu Don’t Screw Up
dt Double Team
dta Don’t Trust Anyone
dtb Don’t Text Back
Dtf Down To Fuck
Dtf Down To Fuck
dtg Days To Go
dth Down To Hang
dtl Damn The Luck
dtp Don’t Type Please
dts Don’t Think So
dttm Don’t Talk To Me
ducy Do You See Why
dugt Did You Get That?
dulm Do You Like Me
dum Dumb
dun Don’t
dunna I Don’t Know
dunno I Don’t Know
dvda Double Vaginal, Double Anal
dw Don’t Worry
dwai Don’t Worry About It
dwb Driving While Black
dwbh Don’t Worry, Be Happy
dwbi Don’t Worry About It.
dwmt Don’t Waste My Time
dwn Down
dwt Don’t Wanna Talk
dwy Don’t Wet Yourself
dya Do You
dyac Damn You Auto Correct
dyel Do You Even Lift
dyk Did You Know
dylm Do You Love Me
dym Do You Mind
dymm Do You Miss Me
dynk Do You Not Know
dynm Do You Know Me
dyt Don’t You Think
dyth Damn You To Hell
dyw Don’t You Worry
eabod Eat A Bag Of Dicks
ead Eat A Dick
edumacation Education
ef Fuck
effed Fucked
effin Fucking
eil Explode Into Laughter
ello Hello
elo Hello
em Them
emm Email Me
emo Emotional
emp Eat My Pussy
enit Isn’t It
enuf Enough
enuff Enough
eod End Of Day
eof End Of File
eotw End Of The World
errythang Everything
esad Eat Shit And Die
eta Estimated Time Of Arrival
etp Eager To Please
ey Hey
ez Easy
f-ing Fucking
f.b. Facebook
f.u. Fuck You
f&e Forever And Ever
f2f Face To Face
f2m Female To Male
f2p Free To Play
f4f Female For Female
f4m Female For Male
f8 Fate
f9 Fine
fa-q Fuck You
faa Forever And Always
fadc Focus Attack Dash Cancel
fah Funny As Hell
fap Masturbate
fapping Masterbating
faq Frequently Asked Question
farg Fuck
fashizzle For Sure
fav Favorite
fave Favorite
fawk Fuck
fbgm Fuck Bitches Get Money
fbk Facebook
fbtw Fine Be That Way
fcbk Facebook
fcfs First Come First Served
fck Fuck
fckd Fucked
fckin Fucking
fcking Fucking
fcku Fuck You
fcol For Crying Out Loud
fcuk Fuck
fer For
ffcl Falling From Chair Laughing
ffs For Fuck’s Sake
fft Food For Thought
fgi Fucking Google It
fgs For God’s Sake
fi9 Fine
fify Fixed It For You
figjam Fuck I’m Good, Just Ask Me
figmo Fuck It – Got My Orders
finna Fitting To
fitb Fill In The Blank
fiv Five
fk Fuck
fka Formerly Known As
fkd Fucked
fker Fucker
fkin Fucking
fking Fucking
fkn Fucking
fku Fuck You
fm Fuck Me
fmah Fuck My Ass Hole
fmao Freezing My Ass Of
fmb Fuck Me Bitch
fmbo Fuck My Brains Out
fmfl Fuck My Fucking Life
fmh Fuck Me Hard
fmi For My Information
fmita Fuck Me In The Ass
fmltwia Fuck Me Like The Whore I Am
fmn Fuck Me Now
fmr Fuck Me Runnig
fmsh Fuck Me So Hard
Fmu Fuck Me Up
fn First Name
fo` For
foa Fuck Off Asshole
foad Fuck Off And Die
foah Fuck Off Asshole
fob Fresh Off The Boat
fofl Fall On The Floor Laughing
fol Farting Out Loud
folo Follow
foms Fell Off My Seat
fone Phone
fook Fuck
foopa Fat Upper Pubic Area
for sheeze For Sure
fos Full Of Shit
fosho For Sure
fotm Flavour Of The Month
fov Field Of View
fp First Post
fpmitap Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison
fpos Fucking Piece Of Shit
fren Friend
frens Friends
frgt Forgot
fri. Friday
friggin Freaking
frm From
frnd Friend
fs For Sure
fse Funniest Shit Ever
fsho For Sure
fsm Flying Spaghetti Monster
fsod Frosn Screen Of Death
fsr For Some Reason
fst Fast
ft Fuck That
fta From The Article
ftb Fuck That Bitch
ftf Face To Face
ftfw For The Fucking Win!
ftfy Fixed That For You
ftio Fun Time Is Over
ftl For The Lose
ftlog For The Love Of God
ftlt For The Last Time
ftmfw For The Mother Fucking Win
ftmp For The Most Part
ftp File Transfer Protocol
ftr For The Record
fts Fuck That Shit
fua Fuck You All
fuah Fuck You Ass Hole
fub Fuck You Bitch
fubh Fucked Up Beyond Hope
fubr Fucked Up Beyond Recognition
fucken Fucking
fud Fear, Uncertainty And Doubt
fudh Fuck You Dick Head
fuh-q Fuck You
fuk Fuck
fukin Fucking
fukk Fuck
fukkin Fucking
fukn Fucking
funy Funny
fuq Fuck You
fus Fuck Yourself
fut Fuck You Too
fuu Fuck You Up
fux Fuck
fuxor Fucker
fvck Fuck
fwd Forward
fwiw For What It’s Worth
fwm Fine With Me
fwp First World Problems
fy Fuck You
fya For Your Attention
fyah Fuck You Asshole
fyb Fuck You Bitch
fyc Fuck Your Couch
fye For Your Entertainment
fyeo For Your Eyes Only
fyf Fuck Your Face
fyfi For Your Fucking Information
fyi For Your Information
fyk For Your Knowledge
fyl For Your Love
fym Fuck Your Mom
fyp Fixed Your Post
fyrb Fuck You Right Back
fytd Fuck You To Death
g00g13 Google
g1 Good One
g2 Go To
g2h Go To Hell
g2k Good To Know
g4u Good For You
g4y Good For You
g9 Good Night
gaf Good As Fuck
gagf Go And Get Fucked
gangsta Gangster
gaw Grandparents Are Watching
gawd God
gb Go Back
gba Game Boy Advance
gbnf Gone But Not Forgotten
gbtw Go Back To Work
gbu God Bless You
gby Good Bye
gd Good
gded Grounded
gdi God Damn It
gdiaf Go Die In A Fire
gdilf Grandad I’d Like To Fuck
gdr Grinning, Ducking, Running
getcha Get You
gewd Good
gf Girlfriend
gfad Go Fuck A Duck
gfak Go Fly A Kite
gfam Go Fuck A Monkey
gfd God Fucking Damnit
gfe Girl Friend Experience
gfg Good Fucking Game
gfgi Go Fucking Google It
gfj Good Fucking Job
gfl Grounded For Life
gfm God Forgive Me
gfo Go Fuck Off
gfu Go Fuck Yourself
gfus Go Fuck Yourself
gfx Graphics
gfy Good For You
gfyd Go Fuck Your Dad
gfym Go Fuck Your Mom
gfys Go Fuck Yourself
gg Good Game
gga Good Game All
ggf Go Get Fucked
ggi Go Google It
ggnore Good Game No Rematch
ggs Good Games
ggwp Good Game Well-Played
gh Good Half
gilf Grandma I’d Like To Fuck
gim Google Instant Messanger
gimmie Give Me
gis Google Image Search
giyf Google Is Your Friend
gj Good Job
gl Good Luck
gl&hf Good Luck And Have Fun
glhf Good Luck Have Fun
glty Good Luck This Year
glwt Good Luck With That
gm Good Morning
gma Grandma
gmab Give Me A Break
gmafb Give Me A Fucking Break
gmilf Grandmother I’d Like To Fuck
gmod Global Moderator
gmta Great Minds Think Alike
gn Good Night
gn8 Good Night
gnasd Good Night And Sweet Dreams
gndn Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
gng Going
gngbng Gang Bang
gnight Good Night
gnite Good Night
gnn Get Naked Now
gno Going To Do
gnoc Get Naked On Cam
gnos Get Naked On Screen
gnr Guns N’ Roses
gnrn Get Naked Right Now
gnst Goodnight Sleep Tight
goin Going
gokw God Only Knows Why
goml Get Out Of My Life
gonna Going To
good9 Goodnite
gooh Get Out Of Here!
goomh Get Out Of My Head
gork God Only Really Knows
gosad Go Suck A Dick
gow Gears Of War
goya Get Off Your Ass
gp Good Point
gr8 Great
gr8t Great
grats Congratulations
gratz Congratulations
grfx Graphics
grillz Metal Teeth
grl Girl
grmbl Grumble
grtg Getting Ready To Go
gsad Go Suck A Dick
gsd Getting Shit Done
gsi Go Suck It
gsoh Good Sense Of Humor
gsp Get Some Pussy
gsta Gangster
gt Get
gta Grand Theft Auto
gtb Go To Bed
gtf Get The Fuck
gtfa Go The Fuck Away
gtfh Go To Fucking Hell
gtfo Get The Fuck Out
gtfoi Get The Fuck Over It
gtfooh Get The Fuck Out Of Here
gtfu Grow The Fuck Up
gtg Got To Go
gtgb Got To Go Bye
gtgp Got To Go Pee
gtgtb Got To Go To Bed
gth Go To Hell
gthb Go To Hell Bitch
gthu Grow The Heck Up
gtm Giggling To Myself
gtn Getting
gtr Got To Run
gts Going To School
gtsy Good To See You
gtty Good Talking To You
gu Grow Up
gud Good
gudd Good
gui Graphical User Interface
gurl Girl
gurlz Girls
guru Expert
gw Good Work
gws Get Well Soon
gyal Girl
gypo Get Your Penis Out
h2 Halo 2
h4xor Hacker
h8 Hate
h8er Hater
h8r Hater
h8tr Hater
h8u I Hate You
h9 Husband In Room
hafta Have To
hagd Have A Good Day
hagn Have A Good Night
hago Have A Good One
hags Have A Great Summer
hait Hate
hak Here’s A Kiss
han How About Now
hau How Are You
hawf Husband And Wife Forever
hawt Hot
hawtie Hottie
hax Hacks
haxor Hacker
haxxor Hacker
haxzor Hacker
hb Hurry Back
hbd Happy Birthday
hbic Head Bitch In Charge
hbu How About You
hby How About You
hcib How Can It Be
hdu How Dare You
heh Haha
heya Hey
heyt Hate
heyya Hello
hf Have Fun
hfs Holy Fucking Shit!
hg Hockeygod
hght Height
hhok Ha Ha Only Kidding
hhyb How Have You Been
hiw Husband Is Watching
hj Hand Job
hl Half-Life
hla Hot Lesbian Action
hld Hold
hlm He Loves Me
hlp Help
hly Holy
hmb Hold Me Back
hml Hate My Life
hmp Help Me Please
hmw Homework
hng Horny Net Geek
hoay How Old Are You
hoh Head Of Household
hom Home
homo Homosexual
hott Hot
hr Hour
hre Here
hrny Horny
hrs Hours
hru How Are You
hs Headshot
hsd High School Dropout
hss Horse Shit And Splinters
htc Hit The Cell
htf How The Fuck
htfu Hurry The Fuck Up
htg Have To Go
hth Hope That Helps
hthu Hurry The Hell Up
hu Hey You
hud Heads Up Display
huggle Hug And Cuddle
hugz Hugs
hun Honey
hv Have
hw Homework
hwg Here We Go
hwga Here We Go Again
hwk Homework
hwmnbn He Who Must Not Be Named
hwu Hey What’s Up
hwz How Is
hxc Hardcore
hy Hell Yeah
hyb How You Been
hyk How You Know
i c I See
iab I Am Bored
ianal I Am Not A Lawyer
iatb I Am The Best
iawtc I Agree With This Comment
iawtp I Agree With This Post
ib I’m Back
ibs Internet Bitch Slap
ibt I’Ll Be There
ic I See
icic I See. I See
icu I See You
icup I See You Pee
icw I Care Why?
icwudt I See What You Did There
icydk In Csae You Didn’t Know
icymi In Case You Missed It
idby I Don’t Believe You
idc I Don’t Care
idec I Don’t Even Care
idek I Don’t Even Know
idfc I Don’t Fucking Care
idfk I Don’t Fucking Know
idgac I Don’t Give A Crap
idgaf I Don’t Give A Fuck
idgaff I Don’t Give A Flying Fuck
idgara I Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass
idgas I Don’t Give A Shit
idgi I Don’t Get It
idjit Idiot
idkt I Don’t Know That
idkw I Don’t Know Why
idky I Don’t Know You
idl I Don’t Like
idlu I Don’t Like You
idly I Don’t Like You
idm I Don’t Mind
idn I Don’t Know
idnk I Don’t Know
idot Idiot
idr I Don’t Remember
idrc I Don’t Really Care
idrgaf I Don’t Really Give A Fuck
idrk I Don’t Really Know
idsw I Don’t See Why
idts I Don’t Think So
idu I Don’t Understand
idwk I Don’t Wanna Know
ifhu I Fucking Hate You
ifhy I Fucking Hate You
ifk I Fucking Know
iflu I Fucking Love You
ig I Guess
igg I Gotta Go
ight Alright
igs I Guess So
igt I Got This
igtg I’ve Got To Go
igu I Give Up
igyb I Got Your Back
ih It Happens
ihml I Hate My Life
ihnc I Have No Clue
ihni I Have No Idea
iht I Heard That
ihtp I Have To Poop
ihu I Hate You
ihy I Hate You
ihysm I Hate You So Much
iigh Alright
iight Alright
iirc If I Recall Correctly
iitywimwybmad If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink
iiuc If I Understand Correctly
ij Indide Joke
ijaf It’s Just A Fact
ijdk I Just Don’t Know
ijit Idiot
ijk I’m Just Kidding
ijp Internet Job Posting
ijs I’m Just Saying
ik I Know
iki I Know It
ikm I Know Man
ikr I Know Really
ikt I Knew That
ikwym I Know What You Mean
ili I Love It
ilu I Love You
ilusm I Love You So Much
iluvu I Love You
ily I Love You
ily2 I Love You Too
ilyb I Love You Bitch
ilybby I Love You Baby
ilyf I’ll Love You Forever
ilym I Love You More
ilys I Love You Sexy
Ilysb I Love You So Bad
ilysfm I Love You So Fucking Much
ilysm I Love You So Much
ilysmm I Love You So Much More
ilywamh I Love You With All My Heart
im Instant Message
im26c4u I Am Too Sexy For You
ima I Am A
imao In My Arrogant Opinion
imb I Am Back
imfao In My Fucking Arrogant Opinion
imfo In My Fucking Opinion
imh I Am Here
imm Instant Message Me
imma I’m Going To
imnerho In My Not Even Remotely Humble Opinion
imnl I’m Not Laughing
imnsho In My Not So Humble Opinion
imo In My Opinion
imoo In My Own Opinion
impo In My Personal Opinion
imr In My Room
imu I Miss You
imvho In My Very Humble Opinion
imwtk Inquiring Minds Want To Know
imy I Miss You
imya I Miss You Already
inb4 In Before
inbd It’s No Big Deal
incld Include
inh I Need Help
inho In My Honest Opinion
init Isn’t It
ino I Know
instagib Instant Kill
intel Intelligence
iokiyar It’s OK If You’re A Republican
iomw I’m On My Way
ionno I Don’t Know
iono I Don’t Know
iotd Image Of The Day
ioya I’d Own Your Ass
ip Internet Protocol
irc Internet Relay Chat
irdc I Really Don’t Care
irdgaf I Really Don’t Give A Fuck
irdk I Really Don’t Know
irhy I Really Hate You
irl In Real Life
irly I Really Love You
is2g I Swear To God
isb I’m So Bored
ise Internal Server Error
isfly I So Fucking Love You
isg I Speak Geek
iso In Search Of
istg I Swear To God
iswydt I See What You Did There
ita I Totally Agree
itb In The Butt
itc In That Case
itd In The Dark
ite Alright
itk In The Know
itn I Think Not
itt In This Thread
itys I Told You So
iuno I Dunno
ive I Have
iwc In Which Case
iwfy I Want To Fuck You
iwsn I Want Sex Now
iwtfy I Want To Fuck You
iwu I Want You
iwy I Want You
iya In Your Ass
iyam If You Ask Me
iyd In Your Dreams
iyf In Your Face
iym I Am Your Man
iyo In Your Opinion
iyq I Like You
iyss If You Say So
iyswim If You See What I Mean
iykyk If You Know You Know
iywt If You Want To
j-c Just Chilling
j4g Just For Grins
jas Just A Second
jc Just Curious
jdfi Just Fucking Do It
jdi Just Do It
jeomk Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard
jf Just Fooling
jfc Jesus Fucking Christ
jfdi Just Fucking Do It!
jff Just For Fun
jfg Just For Giggles
jfgi Just Fucking Google It
jfk Just Fucking Kidding
jfl Just For Laughs
jftr Just For The Record
jfwy Just Fucking With You
jh Just Hanging
jhm Just Hold Me
jic Just In Case
jit Just In Time
jj Just Joking
jka Just Kidding Around
jking Joking
jkl Just Kidding Loser
jklol Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
jkn Joking
jks Jokes
jkz Jokes
jlma Just Leave Me Alone
jlt Just Like That
jm Just Messing
jml Just My Luck
jmo Just My Opinion
jms Just Making Sure
jom Just One Minuite
jooce Juice
jp Just Playing
js Just Saying
jsa Just Stop Already
jsing Just Saying
jst Just
jsuk Just So You Know
jsut Just
jsyk Just So You Know
jtay Just Thinking About You
jtfo Joke The Fuck Out
jtlyk Just To Let You Know
jtol Just Thinking Out Loud
jus Just
juss Just
jyfihp Jam Your Finger In Her Pussy
jw Just Wondering
jwing Just Wondering
ka Kick Ass
kah Kisses And Hugs
kek Laughing Out Loud
kewel Cool
kfc Kentucky Fried Chicken
khitbash Kick Her In The Box And Shove Her
kib Okay, Im Back
kicks Sneakers
kig Keep It Going
kinda Kind Of
kis Keep It Simple
kisa Knight In Shining Armor
kit Keep In Touch
kitteh Kitten
kiu Keep It Up
kiwf Kill It With Fire
kl Cool
km Kiss Me
kma Kiss My Ass
kmao Kick My Ass Off
kmb Kiss My Butt
kml Killing Myself Laughing
kmn Kill Me Now
kmp Kill Me Please
kmsl Killing Myself Laughing
kno Know
knw Know
ko Knock Out
koo Cool
kool Cool
kos Kid Over Shoulder
kotc Kiss On The Cheek
kotd Kicks Of The Day
ks Kill Steal
ksw Ok So What
kt Keep Talking
ktfo Knocked The Fuck Out
kthnxbai Okay, Thanks, Bye
kthxbi Ok, Thank You, Goodbye
kthxbye Ok, Thank You, Goodbye
kuhl Cool
kul Cool
kute Cute
kutgw Keep Up The Good Work
kwik Quick
kwim Know What I Mean
kwl Cool
kyag Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
kyfc Keep Your Fingers Crossed
kyms Keep Your Mouth Shut
kys Kill Yourself
l2m Listening To Music
l2p Learn To Play
l8 Late
l8a Later
l8er Later
l8r See You Later
l8s Later
l8ter Later
l8tr Later
laff Laugh
lak Love And Kisses
lal Laughing A Little
lam Leave A Message
lamf Like A Motherfucker
lappy Laptop
lat Laugh At That
lata Later
lates Later
latr Later
lawd Lord
lawl Lauging Out Loud With A Southern Drawl
lawled Laughed Out Loud
lawls Laughing Out Loud With A Southern Drawl
lawlz Laughing Out Loud With A Southern Drawl
lazer Laser
lazor Laser
lbh Let’s Be Honest
lbr Little Boy’s Room
lbvs Laughing But Very Serious
ldr Long-Distance Relationship
leme Let Me
lemme Let Me
less than 3 Love
lezbean Lesbian
lf Looking For
lf1m Looking For One More
lf2m Looking For 2 More
lfg Looking For Group
lfl Let’s Fuck Later
lfm Looking For Mate
lfp Looking For Pussy
lfr Laughing For Real
lgb Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual
lgbnaf Lets Get Butt Naked And Fuck
lgf Little Green Footballs
lggd Let’s Go Get Drunk
lgn Link Goes Nowhere
lgo Life Goes On
lgot Let’s Go Out Tonight
lgtm Looks Good To Me
lhao Laughing Her Ass Off
lhs Lets Have Sex
lic Like I Care
liek Like
lih Laugh In Head
lik Like
lil Little
limh Laugh In My Head
liol Laugh Insanely Out Loud
lirl Laughing In Real Life
liv Live
lj Live Journal
lk Like
lke Like
llab Laughing Like A Bitch
llap Live Long And Prosper
llc Laughing Like Crazy
llf Laugh Like Fuck
llh Laughing Like Hell
llol Literally Laughing Out Loud
lma Leave Me Alone
lmaorof Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor
lmaorotf Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor
lmap Leave Me Alone Please
lmb Lick My Balls
lmbao Laughing My Black Ass Off
lmbo Laughing My Butt Off
lmcao Laughing My Crazy Ass Off
lmd Lick My Dick
lmfao Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
lmfbo Laugh My Fucking Butt Off
lmfo Laughing My Face Off
lmfr Lets Meet For Real
lmg Let Me Guess
lmgdao Laughing My God Damn Ass Off
lmgtfy Let Me Google That For You
lmho Laughing My Heiny Off
lmirl Let’s Meet In Real Life
lmk Let Me Know
lmks Let Me Know Soon
lmkwc Let Me Know When Clear
lml Love My Life
lmmfao Laughing My Mother Fucking Ass Off
lmo Leave Me One
lmp Lick My Pussy
lmpo Laughing My Panties Off
lms Leave Me Some
lmsao Laughing My Sexy Ass Off
lmso Laughing My Socks Off
lmtfa Leave Me The Fuck Alone
lmto Laughing My Tits Off
lmty Laughing More Than You
ln Last Name
lobl Laugh Out Bloody Loud
lof Laughing On Floor
lofl Laugh Out Fucking Loud
lol Laughing Out Loud
lolaw Laugh Out Loud At Work
lolcano Laugh Out Loud
lold Laughed Out Loud
lolerz Laugh Out Loud
lolio Laugh Out Loud I Own
lollercaust An Extreme Event Of Hilarity
lollerskates Laughing Out Loud
lolm Laugh Out Loud Man
loln Laught Out Loud… Not
lolol Laughing Out Loud
lololz Laugh Out Loud
lolq Laugh Out Loud Quietly
lolrof Laughing Out Loud While Rolling On The Floor.
lols Laugh Out Loud
lolz Laugh Out Loud
lomg Like Oh My God
loml Love Of My Life
lomy Love Of My Life
lotr Lord Of The Rings
lov Love
loxen Laughing Out Loud
lozer Loser
lq Laughing Quietly
lqtm Laugh Quietly To Myself
lqtms Laughing Quietly To Myself
lrh Laughing Really Hard
lrt Last Retweet
lsfw Less Safe For Work
lt Long Time
ltnc Long Time No See
ltns Long Time No See
ltp Lay The Pipe
ltw Lead The Way
lu2 Love You Too
lub Laugh Under Breath
luk Look
lukin Looking
lul Love You Lots
lulz Laughing Out Loud
lusm Love You So Much
luv Love
luver Lover
luvv Love
lv Love
lve Love
lvl Level
lvya Love You
lwwy Live While We’re Young
ly2 Love You To
lya Love You Always
lyao Laugh Your Ass Off
lybo Laugh Your Butt Off
lyf Life
lyfao Laughing Your Fucking Ass Off
lyfe Life
lyk Like
lyl Love You Lots
lylas I Love You Like A Sister
lyls Love You Lots
lymi Love You Mean It
lysm Love You So Much
lyt Love You Too
m.i.a Missing In Action
m.o Makeout
m3 Me
m4f Male For Female
m4m Male For Male
m8 Friend
m9 Mine
mabby Maybe
maga Make America Great Again
mah My
mai My
mao My Ass Off
marvy Marvelous
masterb8 Masterbate
mb My Bad
Mcm Man Crush Monday
mcs My Computer Sucks
mdf My Dear Friend
mdk Murder Death Kill
meeh Me
meh Whatever
mf Motherfucker
mfa Mother Fucking Asshole
mfao My Fucking Ass Off
mfb Mother Fucking Bitch
mfer Motherfucker
mfr Motherfucker
mfw My Face When
mgmt Management
mhh My Head Hurts
mhm Yes
mia Missing In Action
mic Microphone
milf Mom I’d Like To Fuck
miltf Mom I’d Like To Fuck
min Minute
mins Minutes
miself Myself
miw Mom Is Watching
mk Mmm….Ok
mkay Ok
mlg Major League Gaming
mlia My Life Is Amazing
mlm Multi Level Marketer
mmatc Meet Me Around The Corner
mmd Make My Day
mmk Umm, Ok
mml Making Me Laugh
mmmkay Okay
mmo Massive Multiplayer Online
mmt Meet Me There
mmw Making Me Wet
mngmt Management
mngr Manager
mnm Eminem
mobo Motherboard
mof Matter Of Fact
mofo Mother Fucker
moh Medal Of Honor
mol More Or Less
morf Male Or Female
moro Tomorrow
motd Message Of The Day
mpaw My Parents Are Watching
mpd Multiple Personality Disorder
mph Miles Per Hour
mpih My Penis Is Hard
mpty More Power To You
mrau Message Received And Understood
msf Male Seeking Female
msg Message
msgs Messages
msh Me So Horny
msm Main Stream Media
mssg Message
mtc More To Come
mtf More To Follow
mtfbwu May The Force Be With You
mtfbwy May The Force Be With You
mtl More Than Likely
mtr Matter
mty Empty
mu Miss You
mudda Mother
Muh My
mul Miss You Lots
musm Miss You So Much
mutha Mother
muvva Mother
mwah Kiss
mwf Married White Female
mwm Married White Man
myfb Mind Your Fucking Business
myn Mine
myodb Mind Your Own Damn Business
myofb Mind Your Own Fucking Business
mysm Miss You So Much
n e Any
n00dz Nudes
n1 Nice One
n2 Into
n2m Not Too Much
n2mu Not Too Much, You?
na Not Applicable
naa Not At All
nade Grenade
naft Not A Fucking Thing
nah No
natch Naturally
naw No
nawt Not
naww No
nayl In A While
nb Not Bad
nb,p Nothing Bad, Parents
nbd No Big Deal
nbf Never Been Fucked
nc Not Cool
ncaa National Collegiate Athletic Association
nd And
ndn Indian
nds Nintendo Ds
ne1 Anyone
neday Any Day
nedn Any Day Now
negl Not Even Going To Lie
nei Not Enough Information
nekkid Naked
nemore Anymore
nes Nintendo Entertainment System
nething Anything
neva Never
nevah Never
nevm Never Mind
newais Anyways
neways Anyways
nf Not Funny
nfbsk Not For British School Kids
nfc No Fucking Clue
nfr Not For Real
nfs Not For Sale
nfw No Fucking Way
ngaf Nobody Gives A Fuck
ngl Not Gonna Lie
nh Nice Hand
nhatm Not Here At The Moment
ni No Idea
nic Network Interface Card
nif Non Internet Friend
nifoc Naked In Front Of Computer
nin No Its Not
nips Nipples
nite Night
nitm Not In The Mood
nj Nice Job
nk No Kidding
nkd Naked
nkt Never Knew That
nm Not Much
nm u Not Much, You
nmb Not My Business
nme Enemy
nmf Not My Fault
nmfp Not My Fucking Problem
nmh Not Much Here
nmjc Not Much, Just Chillin’
nmjcu Nothing Much, Just Chilling, You?
nmp Not My Problem
nmu Nothing Much, You
nmw No Matter What
nn Good Night
nnaa No Not At All
nntr No Need To Reply
no pro No Problem
noaa National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
noe Know
nolm No One Loves Me
noobie New Person
nop Normal Operating Procedure
notin Nothing
noty No Thank You
noub None Of Your Business
nowai No Way
noyb None Of Your Business
np No Problem
npc Non-Playable Character
nph No Problem Here
nq Thank You
nrg Energy
ns Nice
nsa No Strings Attached
nsfu No Sex For You
nsfw Not Safe For Work
nss No Shit Sherlock
nstaafl No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
ntb Not To Bad
nthg Nothing
nthn Nothing
ntk Need To Know
ntkb Need To Know Basis
ntm Not To Much
ntmu Nice To Meet You
ntmy Nice To Meet You
ntn Nothing
nts Note To Self
nttawwt Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That
nttiawwt Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That.
ntty Nice Talking To You
ntw Not To Worry
nty No Thank You
nub Inexperienced Person
nuffin Nothing
nufin Nothing
nutin Nothing
nuttin Nothing
nv Envy
nvm Never Mind
nvmd Nevermind
nvr Never
nvrm Nevermind
nvrmnd Never Mind
nw No Way
nwb A New Person
nwih No Way In Hell
nwo New World Order
nws Not Work Safe
nwy No Way
nyc New York City
o.p. Original Poster
o4b Open For Business
obj Object
obo Or Best Offer
obtw Oh, By The Way
obv Obviously
oc Original Character
occ Occupation
ocd Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
od Over Dose
oday Software Illegally Obtained Before It Was Released
odg Oh Dear God
oe Or Else
ofc Of Course
ofcol Oh For Crying Out Loud
ofn Old Fucking News
oftn Often
ofwg Old Fat White Guys
og Original Gangster
oh noes Oh Shit!
oh noez Oh No!
ohic Oh I See
ohn Oh Hell No
ohy Oh Hell Yeah
oic Oh, I See
oicu Oh, I See You!
oj Orange Juice
ok Okay
oll Online Love
omdg Oh My Dear God
omdz Oh My Days
omfg Oh My Fucking God
omfl Oh My Fucking Internet Connection Is Slow
omfsm Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
omgd Oh My Gosh Dude
omgf Oh My God…Fuck!
omgg Oh My Gosh Girl
omgn Oh My Goodness
omgosh Oh My Gosh
omgsh Oh My Gosh
OMGWTFBBQ Oh My God, What The Fuck
omgz Oh My God
omhg Oh My Hell God
omj Oh My Jesus
Oml Oh My Lord
ommfg Oh My Mother Fucking God
omt One More Time
omw On My Way
omwh On My Way Home
omy Oh My!
onoz Oh No
onud Oh No You Didn’t
onyd Oh No You Didn’t
oob Out Of Buisness
oohm Out Of His/Her Mind
oomf One Of My Followers
oow On Our Way
orgy Orgasm
orly Oh Really
orpg Online Role Playing Game
os Operating System
osy Oh Screw You
otc Off The Chain
otfcu On The Floor Cracking Up
otfl On The Floor Laughing
otfp On The Fucking Phone
oti On The Internet
otl Out To Lunch
otoh On The Other Hand
ott Over The Top
otw On The Way
ownt Made To Look Bad
owt Out
oww Oops, Wrong Window
oyo On Your Own
oyr Oh Yeah Right
p-nis Penis
p.o.s Parent Over Shoulder
p0wn Make To Look Bad
p2p Peer To Peer
p3n0r Penis
p3n15 Penis
p3n1s Penis
p4p Pic For Pic
pae Pimpin Aint Easy
pag Parents Are Gone
pah Parents At Home
pb Peanut Butter
pbkc Problem Between Keyboard &Amp; Chair
pce Peace
pco Please Come Over
pda Public Display Of Affection
pdg Pretty Damn Good
peanus Penis
peeps People
pen0r Penis
pen15 Penis
penor Penis
perv Pervert
pewp Poop
pex Please Explain?
pf Profile
pfm Please Forgive Me
pg Page
ph33r Fear
ph34r Fear
phail Fail
phat Pretty Hot And Tasty
phear Fear
phuck Fuck
phucker Fucker
phuk Fuck
phun Fun
phux Fuck
piccies Pictures
pics Pictures
pihb Pee In His/Her Butt
piihb Put It In Her Butt
piitb Put It In The Butt
pima Pain In My Ass
pita Pain In The Ass
pitfa Pain In The Fucking Ass
pix Pictures
pk Player Kill
pking Player Killing
pl Parent Looking
pl0x Please
plac Parent Looking At Computer
plars Party Like A Rock Star
pleaz Please
pleez Please
pleze Please
pliz Please
plmk Please Let Me Know
plocks Please
plom Parents Looking Over Me
ploms Parent Looking Over My Shoulder
plox Please
pls Please
plz Please
pmfsl Piss My Fucking Self Laughing
pmg Oh My God
pmita Pound Me In The Ass
pml Pissing Myself Laughing
pmo Pissing Me Off
pmp Pissing My Pants
pmpl Piss My Pants Laughing
pmsfl Pissed Myself Fucking Laughing
pmsl Piss My Self Laughing
pmt Pretty Much This
pnus Penis
po Piss Off
pob Parent Over Back
poc Piece Of Crap
poed Pissed Off
poi Point Of Interest
pol Parent Over Looking
poms Parent Over My Shoulder
pooter Computer
poq Piss Off Quick
poscs Parents Over Sholder Change Subject
pov Point Of View
pp Pee Pee
ppl People
ppls People
pplz People
pr0n Porn
pr0nz Porn
prd Period
preggers Pregnant
prego Pregnant
prn Porn
pro Professional
prob Problem
prod Product
prolly Probably
pron Porn
prp Please Reply
prv Private
psl Pumpkin Spice Latte
psn Playstation Netwok
psp Playstation Portable
pssy Pussy
pst Please Send Tell
ptfo Passed The Fuck Out
ptl Praise The Lord
pto Personal Time Off
ptw Play To Win
purty Pretty
puter Computer
pvt Pervert
pw Parent Watching
pwb Pussy Whipped Bitch
pwn3d Owned
pwner Owner
pwnr Owner
pwnz Owns
pwor Power
pyfco Put Your Freaking Clothes On
pyt Pretty Young Thing
pz Peace
q4u Question For You
qfmft Quoted For Motherfucking Truth
qft Quoted For Truth
qna Question And Answer
qotd Quote Of The Day
qq Crying Eyes
qt Cutie
qt3.14 Cutie Pie
qte Cutie
qtpi Cutie Pie
r.i.p Rest In Peace
r2f Ready To Fuck
r8 Rate
rawk Rock
rawks Rocks
rawr Roar
rbau Right Back At You
rbm Right Behind Me
rbtl Read Between The Lines
rcvd Received
rdy Ready
rele Really
rents Parents
reppin Representing
rflmao Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
rfn Right Fucking Now
rgr Roger
rifk Rolling On The Floor Laughing
rlg Really Loud Giggle
rlly Really
rly Really
rmao Rolling My Ass Off
rme Rolling My Eyes
rn Right Now
rnt Aren’T
ro Rock Out
roflao Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
roflcopter Rolling On The Floor Laughing
roflmbo Rolling On Floor Laughing My Butt Off
roflmao Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
roflmfao Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
roflol Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud
rogl Rolling On Ground Laughing
rolmao Rolling Over Laughing My Ass Off
rolmfao Rolling Over Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
rong Wrong
rotf Rolling On The Floor
rotffl Roll On The Fucking Floor Laughing
rotflmao Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
rotflmbo Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt Off
rotflmfao Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
rotflol Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
rotw Rest Of The World
rowyco Rock Out With Your Cock Out
rox Rocks
roxxor Rock
rp Roleplay
rpita Royal Pain In The Ass
rq Real Quick
rr Rest Room
rsn Real Soon Now
rsp Respawn
RT Retweet
rtf Return The Favor
rtfa Read The Fucking Article
rtfp Read The Fucking Post
rtfq Read The Fucking Question
rtfs Read The Fucking Summary
rtfu Ready The Fuck Up
rtl Report The Loss
rtr Read The Rules
rtry Retry
rts Real-Time Strategy
ru Are You
rufkm Are You Fucking Kidding Me
ruh Are You Horny
ruk Are You Ok?
rukm Are You Kidding Me
rumf Are You Male Or Female
ruok Are You Ok?
rys Are You Single
ryt Right
s.i.t. Stay In Touch
s.o.a.b. Son Of A Bitch
s2g Swear To God
s2r Send To Receive
s2u Same To You
s4se Sight For Sore Eyes
sah Sexy As Hell
sahm Stay At Home Mom
sbc Sorry Bout Caps
sbd Silent But Deadly
sbeve S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]
sbs Such Bull Shit
sbt Sorry Bout That
scnr Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist
scool School
scrilla Money
scurred Scared
sd Suck Dick
sde Software Defined Environment
sdf^ Shut Da Fuck Up
secks Sex
secksy Sexy
seks Sex
sexc Sexy
sexi Sexy
sfe Safe
sfh So Fucking Hot
sfm So Fucking Much
sfs So Fucking Stupid
sfu Shut The Fuck Up
sfw Safe For Work
sfy Speak For Yourself
sfyl Sorry For Your Loss
sg So Good
sgi Still Got It
sh Shit Happens
shd Should
shexy Sexy
shiat Shit
shiet Shit
shite Shit
shizit Shit
shiznat Shit
shiznit Shit
shizz Shit
shmexy Sexy
shmily See How Much I Love You
shr Shit Happens Right
sht Shit
shud Should
shuddup Shut Up
shup Shut Up
shure Sure
shut^ Shut Up
shwr Shower
shyt Shit
sif As If
sig Signature
siggy Signature
silf Sister I’d Like To Fuck
siol Shout It Out Loud
sista Sister
sitb Sex In The But
siu Suck It Up
siuya Shove It Up Your Ass
sk Spawn Kill
sk8 Skate
sk8ing Skating
sk8tr Skater
sked Schedule
skeet Ejaculate
skewl School
skl School
skool School
skoul School
sktr Skater
skwl School
slgb Straight/Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual
slo Slow
slore Shitty Whore
slp Sleep
slt Something Like That
sm Social Media
sm1 Someone
Sma Suck My Ass
smb See My Blog
smbd Suck My Big Dick
smc Suck My Cock
smd Suck My Dick
smdb Suck My Dick Bitch
smexy Sexy
smfd Suck My Fucking Dick
smh Shaking My Head
smhid Shaking My Head In Disgust
smho Screaming My Head Off
smt Suck My Tits
smthng Something
smto Sticking My Tongue Out
sn Screen Name
snafubar Situation Normal All Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition
snes Super Nintendo Entertainment System
snl Saturday Night Live
snm Say No More
soa Service Oriented Architecture
soab Son Of A Btch
soad System Of A Down
sob Son Of A Bitch
soc Same Old Crap
soe Service Oriented Enterprise
soi Service Oriented Infrastructure
sok It’s Ok
sokay It’s Okay
sol Shit Outta Luck
soml Story Of My Life
soobs Saggy Boobs
sorreh Sorry
sosdd Same Old Shit, Different Day
sot Suck On This
sowi Sorry
sowwy Sorry
soz Sorry
spk Speak
sqtm Snickering Quietly To Myself
srly Seriously
srry Sorry
srs Serious
srsly Seriously
srvis Service
sry Sorry
ss4l Smoking Sista For Life
ssdgm Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered
ssdd Same Shit, Different Day
ssia Subject Says It All
ssl Secure Sockets Layer
ssob Stupid Sons Of Bitches
ssry So Sorry
st8 State
stb Soon To Be
stbx Soon To Be Ex
stby Sucks To Be You
std Sexually Transmitted Disease
stfd Sit The Fuck Down
stff Stuff
stfu Shut The Fuck Up
stfub Shut The Fuck Up Bitch
stfw Search The Fucking Web
stg Swear To God
sth Something
sthu Shut The Hell Up
stm Smiling To Myself
stoopid Stupid
str8 Straight
sts So To Speak
stsp Same Time Same Place
stt Same Time Tomorrow
stufu Stupid Fucker
stw Share The Wealth
su Shut Up
sua See You At
suk Suck
sul See You Later
sumfin Something
summin Something
sumone Someone
sumtin Something
sup What’s Up
supa Super
sus See You Soon
susfu Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked Up
sut See You Tomorrow
sux Sucks
sux0rz Sucks
suxor Sucks
suxors Sucks
svu Special Victims Unit
sw So What
swak Sealed With A Kiss
swm Single White Male
swmbo She Who Must Be Obeyed
swp Sorry Wrong Person
swt Sweet
swtf Seriously, What The Fuck
sx Sex
sxc Sexy
sxe Straight Edge
sxs Sex
sxy Sexy
sya See You Again.
sydm Shut Your Damn Mouth
syfm Shut Your Fucking Mouth
syl See You Later
sym Shut Your Mouth
syoa Save Your Own Ass
sz Sorry
t,ftfy There, Fixed That For You
t4m Transgender For Male
ta Thanks Again
tafn That’s All For Now
taht That
tai Think About It
tanq Thank You
tau Thinking About You
taunch Te Amo Un Chingo
tay Thinking About You
tb Text Back
tbf To Be Fair
tbfh To Be Fucking Honest
tbnt Thanks But No Thanks
tbp The Pirate Bay
tbph To Be Perfectly Honest
tbqf To Be Quite Frank
tbqh To Be Quite Honest
tbt Throwback Thursday
tbvh To Be Very Honest
tc Take Care
tcg Trading Card Game
tcoy Take Care Of Yourself
td2m Talk Dirty To Me
tddup Till Death Do Us Part
tdf To Die For
tdtm Talk Dirty To Me
tdwdtg The Devil Went Down To Georgia
te Team Effort
teh The
terd Shit
tf The Fuck
tf2 Team Fortress 2
tfa The Fucking Article
tfb Time For Bed
tfc Team Fortress Classic
tfd Total Fucking Disaster
tff That’s Fucking Funny
tfft Thank Fuck For That
tffw Too Funny For Words
tfh Thread From Hell
tfic Tongue Firmly In Cheek
tfm Too Fucking Much
tfs Thanks For Sharing
tfta Thanks For The Add
tfti Thanks For The Information
tfu That’s Fucked Up
tfw That Feeling When
tg Thank God
tgfe Together Forever
tgft Thank God For That
tgif Thank God It’s Friday
tgiff Thank God Its Fucking Friday
tgis Thank God It’s Saturday
tgtbt Too Good To Be True
tgws That Goes Without Saying
tha The
thankies Thank You
thankx Thank You
thanq Thank You
thanx Thank You
thku Thank You
thn Then
thnx Thanks
tho Though
thr There
tht That
thwy The Hell With You!
thx Thank You
thxx Thanks
thz Thank You
tia Thanks In Advance
tiai Take It All In
tifu That Is Fucked Up
tigger Tiger
til Until
tinla This Is Not Legal Advice
tioli Take It Or Leave It
tis Is
tisnf That Is So Not Fair
tiss This Is Some Shit
tiw Teacher Is Watching
tkd Tae Kwon Do
tker Team Killer
tks Thanks
tku Thank You
tl Tough Luck
tl:dr Too Long; Didn’t Read
tla Three Letter Acronym
tldnr Too Long, Did Not Read
tlgo The List Goes On
tlk Talk
tma Take My Advice
tmai Tell Me About It
tmbi Tell Me About It
tmi Too Much Information
tmk To My Knowledge
tml Tell Me Later
tmnt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
tmo Take Me Out
tmoro Tomorrow
tmoz Tomorrow
tmp Text My Phone
tmr Tomorrow
tmrrw Tomorrow
tmrw Tomorrow
tms That Makes Sense
tmsg Tell Me Something Good
tmth Too Much To Handle
tmtt Tell Me The Truth
tmw Too Much Work
tmz Tomorrow
tnc Totally Not Cool
tnf That’s Not Funny
tnx Thanks
tofy Thinking Of You
tok That’s Ok
tolol Thinking Of Laughing Out Loud
tomm Tommorow
tomoz Tomorrow
tonite Tonight
totd Tip Of The Day
totes Totally
totl Total
totm Top Of The Morning
totp Talking On The Phone
tou Thinking Of You
tp Toilet Paper
tpb The Pirate Bay
tpf That’s Pretty Funny
trani Transexual
trd Tired
tru True
ts Talking Shit
tsc That’s So Cool
tsif That Shit Is Fucked
tsl The Single Life
tsm Thanks So Much
tss That’s So Sweet
tswc Tell Someone Who Cares
ttbc Try To Be Cool
ttf That’s Too Funny
ttfn Ta Ta For Now
ttg Time To Go
tthb Try To Hurry Back
ttiuwp This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
ttiwwop This Thread Is Worthless Without Pics
ttiwwp This Thread Is Worthless Without Pics
ttl Total
ttly Totally
ttm Talk To Me
ttml Talk To Me Later
ttmn Talk To Me Now
ttms Talking To Myself
ttrf That’s The Rules, Fucker
tts Text To Speech
ttth Talk To The Hand
tttt To Tell The Truth
ttul Talk To You Later
ttus Talk To You Soon
ttut Talk To You Tomorrow
ttutt To Tell You The Truth
tty Talk To You
ttya Thanks To You All
ttyl Talk To You Later
ttyl8r Talk To You Later
ttylo Talk To You Later On
ttyn Talk To You Never
ttyo Talk To You Online
ttyrs Talk To You Really Soon
ttys Talk To You Soon
ttyt Talk To You Tomorrow
ttytm Talk To You Tomorrow
ttytt To Tell You The Truth
ttyw Talk To You Whenever
tu Thank You
tuff Tough
tuh To
tul Text You Later
tut Take Your Time
tuvm Thank You Very Much
tv Television
tvm Thanks Very Much
tw Teacher Watching
twat Vagina
twf That Was Funny
twg That Was Great
twi Texting While Intoxicated
twis That’s What I Said
twss That’s What She Said
twsy That Was So Yeterday
twyl Talk With You Later
twys Talk With You Soon
tx Thanks
txs Thanks
txt Text
ty Thank You
tyfi Thank You For Invite
tyfn Thank You For Nothing
tyfyt Thank You For Your Time
tyl Text You Later
tym Time
tyme Time
typ Thank You Partner
typo Typing Mistake
tyred Tired
tys Told You So
tysm Thank You So Much
tysvm Thank You So Very Much
tyt Take Your Time
tyty Thank You Thank You
tyvm Thank You Very Much
ua User Agreement
uaaaa Universal Association Against Acronym Abuse
udc You Don’t Care
udek You Don’t Even Know
udwk You Don’t Want To Know
UFIC Unsolicited Finger In Chili
ugtr You Got That Right
uhems You Hardly Ever Make Sense
ukwim You Know What I Mean
umfriend Sexual Partner
unt Until Next Time
ura You Are A
uraqt You Are A Cutie
ure You Are
urht You’re Hot
url8 You Are Late
urms You Rock My Socks
urs Yours
ursh You Are So Hot
urw You Are Weird
usck You Suck
usux You Suck
uta Up The Ass
utfs Use The Fucking Search
utfse Use The Fucking Search Engine
uttm You Talking To Me?
uty It’s Up To You
uve You’ve
uw You’re Welcome
uwc You Are Welcome
uyab Up Your Ass Bitch
vajayjay Vagina
vb Visual Basic
vbeg Very Big Evil Grin
vf Very Funny
vgl Very Good Looking
vid Video
vids Videos
vn Very Nice
vry Very
vs Versus
vwd Very Well Done
w.b.s. Write Back Soon
w.o.w World Of Warcraft
w2d What To Do
w2m Want To Meet
w33d Weed
w8 Wait
wab What A Bitch
wadr With All Due Respect
waf Weird As Fuck
wafn What A Fucken Noob
wai What An Idiot
walstib What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been
wam Wait A Minute
wamh With All My Heart
wanker Masturbater
wanking Masturbating
wanna Want To
wansta Wanna Be Ganster
wap Wet Ass Pussy
wassup What’s Up?
wasup What’s Up
wat What
watp We Are The People
wau What About You
Waud What Are You Doing
wauw What Are You Wearing
waw What A Whore
wayd What Are You Doing
wayh Why Are You Here
wayn Where Are You Now
wayt What Are You Thinking?
waz What Is
wazza What’s Up
wazzed Drunk
wazzup What’s Up
wb Welcome Back
wbagnfarb Would Be A Good Name For A Rock Band
wbb Will Be Back
wbk Welcome Back
wbrb Will Be Right Back
wbu What About You
wby What About You
wcb Welcome Back
wcm Women Crush Monday
wd Well Done
wdf Worth Dying For
wdtm What Does That Mean
wdum What Do You Mean
wdya Why Do You Ask
wdydt Why Do You Do That
wdym What Do You Mean
wdys What Did You Say
wdyt What Do You Think
wdyw What Do You Want
wdywd What Do You Want To Do?
wdywtta What Do You Want To Talk About
weba Welcome Back
weg Wicked Evil Grin
welc Welcome
wen When
wev Whatever
wfh Working From Home
wfhw What’s For Homework
wfm Works For Me
wfyb Whatever Floats Your Boat
wg Wicked Gril
wgaf Who Gives A Fuck
wgas Who Gives A Shit
wgo What’s Going On
wha What?
whaddya What Do You
whaletail Thong
whatcha What Are You
whatev Whatever
whatevs Whatever
whever Whatever
whf Wanna Have Fun?
whodi Friend
whr Where
whs Wanna Have Sex
wht What
whtvr Whatever
whubut What Have You Been Up To
whut What
whyb Where Have You Been
whyd What Have You Done
wid With
widout Without
wif With
winnar Winner
wip Work In Progress
witcha With You
wiw Wife Is Watching
wiwhu Wish I Was Holding You
wiwt Wish I Was There
wjwd What Jesus Would Do
wk Week
wkd Wicked
wl Will
wlc Welcome
wlcb Welcome Back
wlcm Welcome
wld Would
wltm Would Like To Meet
wmao Working My Ass Off
wmd Weapons Of Mass Destruction
wmts We Must Talk Soon
wmyb What Makes You Beautiful
wn When
wnt Want
woa Word Of Advice
woc Welcome On Cam
woe What On Earth
woft Waste Of Fucking Time
wolo We Only Live Once
wom Word Of Mouth
wombat Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time
woot Woohoo
wot What
woum What’s On Your Mind
wowzers Wow
wp Wrong Person
wrd Word
wrk Work
wrng Wrong
wru Where Are You
wrud What Are You Doing
wryd What Are You Doing
wsb Wanna Cyber?
wsf We Should Fuck
wsi Why Should I
wtaf What The Actual Fuck
wtb Want To Buy
wtbh What The Bloody Hell
wtc What The Crap
wtd What The Deuce
wtf What The Fuck
wtfb What The Fuck Bitch
wtfc Who The Fuck Cares
wtfe What The Fuck Ever
wtfever What The Fuck Ever
wtfg What The Fucking God
wtfh What The Fucking Hell
wtfit What The Fuck Is That
wtfiwwy What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
wtfo What The Fuck Over
wtfru What The Fuck Are You
wtfs What The Fucking Shit?
wtfwjd What The Fuck Would Jesus Do
wtg Way To Go
wth What The Heck
wthru Who The Heck Are You
wtly Welcome To Last Year
wtmf What The Mother Fuck
wtmi Way Too Much Information
wtp Where’s The Party
wts Want To Sell
wtt Want To Trade
wttp Want To Trade Pictures?
wtv Whatever
wtvr Whatever
wtwm What Time Are We Meeting?
wtwr Well That Was Random
wu What’s Up
wub Love
wubu2 What You Been Up To
wud Would
wudn What You Doing Now
wufa Where You From Again
wussup What Is Up?
wut What
wuteva Whatever
wuts What Is
wutup What’s Up
wuu2 What You Up Too
wuut What You Up To
wuv Love
wuwta What Do You Want To Talk About
wuwtb What Do You Want To Talk About
wuwu What Up With You
wuz Was
wuza What’s Up
wuzup What’s Up
wwc Who Would Care
wwcnd What Would Chuck Norris Do
wwe World Wrestling Entertainment
wwgf When We Gonna Fuck
wwhw When Where How Why
wwt What Was That
wwtf What Was That For
wwut What Were You Thinking
wwwu Whats Wrong With You
wwy Where Were You
wwyd What Would You Do?
wwyt What Were You Thinking
wy Why?
wyatb Wish You All The Best
wyb Watch Your Back
wyc Will You Come
wycm Will You Call Me
wyd What Are You Doing
wyg Will You Go
Wygf What You Going For
wygowm Will You Go Out With Me
wyhi Would You Hit It?
wym What You Mean?
wyn What’s Your Name
wyp What’s Your Problem?
wys Wow You’re Stupid
Wyut What You Up To
wyw What You Want
wywh Wish You Were Here
wywo While You Were Out
xd Extreme Droll
xfer Transfer
xing Crossing
xit Exit
xl Extra Large
xox Hugs And Kisses
xp Experience
xs Excess
xtreme Extreme
xyzpdq Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick
y w You’re Welcome
ya Yeah
yaafm You Are A Fucking Moron
yaai You Are An Idiot
yarly Yeah Really
yasf You Are So Funny
yayo Cocaine
ybs You’Ll Be Sorry
ybya You Bet Your Ass
ycmtsu You Can’T Make This Shit Up
ydtm You’re Dead To Me
ye Yeah
yea Yeah
yeh Yes
yer You’re
yesh Yes
yew You
yfi You Fucking Idiot
ygg You Go Girl
ygm You Got Mail
ygp You Got Punked!
ygpm You’ve Got A Private Message
ygrr You Got Rick Rolled
ygtbfkm You’ve Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me
ygtbkm You Got To Be Kidding Me
ygtbsm You’ve Got To Be Shitting Me
yh Yeah
yhf You Have Failed
yhgtbsm You Have Got To Be Shitting Me
yhm You Have Mail
yhni You Have No Idea
yhpm You Have A Private Messge
yim Yahoo Instant Messenger
yk You Kidding
yki You Know It
ykn You Know Nothing
ykw You Know What
ykwim You Know What I Mean
ykwya You Know Who You Are
ylb You Little Bitch
ym Your Mom
ymmd You Made My Day
ymmv Your Mileage May Vary
yn Why Not
yng Young
ynk You Never Know
ynm Yes, No, Maybe
ynw You Know What
yodo You Only Die Once
yolt You Only Live Twice
yooh You
yor Your
youngin Young Person
yoy Why Oh Why
yqw You’re Quite Welcome
yr Year
yrs Years
yru Why Are You?
ys You Suck
ysa You Suck Ass
ysic Why Should I Care
ysk You Should Know
ytd Year To Date
ytf Why The Fuck
ytis You Think I’m Special?
ytm You Tell Me
ytmnd You’re The Man Now, Dog!
yty Why Thank You
yu You
yua You Ugly Ass
yuo You
yup Yes
yur Your
yvw You’re Very Welcome
yw You’re Welcome
ywia You’re Welcome In Advance
yws You Want Sex
z0mg Oh My God
zex Sex
zomfg Oh My Fucking God
zomg Oh My God
zup What’s Up?

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