What does Fujoshi mean?

Fujoshi is a Japanese term for fangirls, who enjoy yaoi and fan fiction about two, sometimes even straight males getting together or having an erotic relationship.

The term itself meaning “spoilt girl” and its male counterpart is called “fundanshi”, spoilt boy or “fukei”, spoilt older brother.

Fujoshi may refer to otaku girls, in general, though many female otakus may take offense from fujoshi, if they are not interested in boy love, or yaoi fan art.


What's the origin of Fujoshi?

Yaoi fandom started to spread more widely in the 1990’s, especially among anime fans and otaku girls, though someone with a yaoi interest is not necessarily a weeb or an otaku.

It is around this time, that the Japanese have termed the yaoi fans “fujoshi” or spoilt girls.

Yaoi had started to spread even further around the late 2000’s when anime and manga spread even further, transforming parts of the new generation into weebs.

Spread & Usage

How did Fujoshi spread?

The first Urban Dictionary entry on the fujoshi fan girl was added in 2005, where it is described as the female counterpart of the otaku; we can see the change in the term’s sense in the last fifteen years.

Fujoshis were featured in the sixth episode of the nineteenth season from South Park, where Tweek and Craig were turned into yaoi art by the girls, exposed to the trend.

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