What does 3Head mean?

3Head is a Twitch TV emote, derived originally from the one called 4Head, depicting League of Legends streamer Cadbury with a smile.

3Head is the same image, edited so that the internet personality has a tooth missing.

Both is used as a reaction to jokes, though 3Head is mostly spammed across the streaming platform’s chat feature, when British or Scottish accented users are present.



What's the origin of 3Head?

The foundation for 3Head was set in 2016, when 4Head had been uploaded to the FrankerFaceZ extension of the streaming platform.

It spread quickly, and became one of the preferred “funny” reaction.

3Head had been added to the repertoire of FrankerFaceZ in 2018 by user timmytoina and as of 2020, it had been seen in about 24000 sets.

Spread & Usage

How did 3Head spread?

Like many of the emotes on Twitch TV, 3Head is one that improved its predecessor with minor edits to the original one.

It even got its own Urban Dictionary definition in 2019; something that is not so common with Twitch emotes, since the community that is utilizing them usually knows their meaning, and has no need to look them up… and emotes are based on loose associations anyway.

External resources

  • Urban Dictionary – 3Head

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