Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get all the information for the articles?

Our editorial team has a high affinity for Internet culture. We know where to get serious information and can classify what is valuable information to our end users. That’s why most of our work goes into research.

Who is behind DigitalCultures?

Some people who spend more time on Reddit, Twitter & real education platforms than showering. So why not collect that abundance of knowledge in a digital lab.

What distinguishes you from other slang dictionaries?

First and foremost, the fact that we work editorially and intentionally do not let the users write their contributions. We want to be THE serious source for good, reliable information about memes, slang and other parts of internet culture.

How can I suggest terms, memes, emotes etc. that I don’t find on your website yet?

On every page you will find the green “Add term” button in the upper right corner. Use it to suggest a term that you would like to have explained.