What does 4Weird mean?

4Weird is a Twitch TV emote, utilized in situations, when – unsurprisingly – one is weirded out by the shit going on in the chat.

It is not nearly as popular as other emotes, but some consider it the perfect emote for expressing disturbance by the stupidity of human beings online.



What's the origin of 4Weird?

The emote has been originally uploaded to Twitch TV extension FrankerFaceZ by nedddus in early 2019.

It is depicting Josh Meyer, also known as Cadbury with a blank face; something you show to someone you are repulsed by and who wouldn’t even deserve a grin from you.

Spread & Usage

How did 4Weird spread?

4Weird has been used since its upload about 3500 times, as of 2020.

The face has also been added to BTTV in January 2020.

It has been the matter of debate on several Reddit threads, whether it is the true emote for expressing being weirded out or not.

With time we shall see, if the community of the streaming service will recognize it as the new preferred emote to express awkward repulsion or if it shall become one of the denizens of emotes, unknown to many across the platform.

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