What does FishMoley mean?

FishMoley is a Twitch TV emote only available to the users of BTTV.

A smooth lumpfish is being depicted on the emote in question and it is mostly utilized to give expression to feelings of disgust, wrath and disturbance.



What's the origin of FishMoley?

The photo used on the emote can be traced back to a list from Chicago Now, titled “10 Ugliest Species of Fish: Ugly Week Continues”.

The smooth lumpfish is one of the species listed among the hideous sea species.

It quickly gained a lot of popularity due to its unmatched unattractiveness and was soon named FishMoley.

Spread & Usage

How did FishMoley spread?

The emote started to spread thanks to two Finnish dudes chatting on Twitch and sending the naturally disfigured marine creature to each other in 2015.

This was the mere beginning. A gas to the flame of FishMoley was when a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the above mentioned Finns’ discussion.

After that people kept coming back to the internet on different platforms such as Reddit, asking what a FishMoley was and why is it being used on the streaming platform.

This just further advanced the spread of the popularity of the fish emote; so much so that soon enough merchandize like mugs and T-shirts were already created, depicting the famous but still indescribably grotesque fish.

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