What does Jebaited mean?

Jebaited is a reaction image and original emote created for the streaming website, based on a picture of Alex Jebailey the founder of CEO gaming, while he is leaning back and looking up to his right with a big smile on his face.

The emote is used to express baiting (basically a tactic in a game, where you are fooling you opponent and gaining the upper hand) when the player does a nice play or when the chat room make the broadcaster believe something which is not correct on



What's the origin of Jebaited?

Jebaited which is based on a picture of Alex Jebailey is one of the original emotes, which can be used without any browser addons added to the site in late 2016. The origin of the photo the emote is based on is unknown.

Spread & Usage

How did Jebaited spread?

The emote being one of the first and original ones on the streaming website, made it easy for it to spread on the internet like wildfire.

As of 10/12/2019 according to the website StreamElements, Jebaited is the 43rd on the list of most popular/used emotes on the website, making it one of the more popular emotes.

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