What does Kappa mean?

Kappa is one of the most legendary Twitch emotes on the internet, used by users of the platform to convey their sarcasm after their messages.

It is also spammed all across the internet, due to its widespread recognition.



What's the origin of Kappa?

The emote, like many others, is based on one of the JTV employees, this in particular on Josh De Seno.

Its use began on the chat platform, Justin.TV but it had become an iconic element of the streaming site, Twitch.

Spread & Usage

How did Kappa spread?

By 2015, it’s daily use had already reached a million.

There are several derivatives of the emote, from the original grey-scale Kappa to Keepo, that is adorned with cat ears.

There is also MiniK, which is a miniscule version of Kappa, and KappaHD, that is colored.

A unique version is KappaRoss, where Josh’s face is mirrored and upgraded with a Bob Ross hairstyle, celebrating Twitch Creative in 2015.

This year had also brought about KappaClaus and KappaPride, the former being a Christmas edition, while the latter is largely used to highlight or ask about one’s homosexuality.

The emote had got its own Reddit thread in 2012, and was added to Urban Dictionary in 2014.

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