What does MonkaHmm mean?

MonkaHmm is a derivate of the original Twitch emote MonkaS. It depicts Pepe the Frog with his two hands in front of his mouth, contemplating.

The emote is used to express consideration over a matter or a proposition.

It is quite widely endorsed over the platform, partially due to the fact, that it depicts the largely loved meme amphibian.



What's the origin of MonkaHmm?

The wide array of Pepe’s expressions has been extended by MonkaS in 2016. MonkaS is used to give notice to feelings of anxiety; the frog’s face is depicted with several drops of sweat on his forehead and a stressed look.

The name for MonkaHmm has been influenced by this anxious emote, though they are translating different feelings.

The latter one has been uploaded to the FrankerFaceZ extension in 2018, by user Klotzi.

Spread & Usage

How did MonkaHmm spread?

Due to Pepe being a prominent figure on the internet since the early 2010’s, the emote has been widely adopted, with uses in 19280 sets as of 2020.

It can be seen in conversations quite often, since the reaction is unique and very effective at translating the feelings of anticipation and consideration.

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