What does MonkaOMEGA mean?

MonkaOMEGA is a FrankerFaceZ extension Twitch TV emote.

It is a variation of the MonkaS emote, which depicts Pepe the Frog with round eyes and sweat dripping from his forehead.

This edition is different from the original in the aspect that the amphibian’s eyes are surreally large, taking the emotional load of the picture to the extreme.

It is used to give expression to a very high level of anxiety and pressure… like when your mom calls you by your full name.



What's the origin of MonkaOMEGA?

The image of origin in the MonkaS emote is the nervous Pepe depiction, that had first surfaced on 4chan in 2011.

MonkaOMEGA had been uploaded to the FrankerFaceZ extension of the streaming service by KaiOwei in 2017, a year after the original MonkaS had been made part of the emote library.

Spread & Usage

How did MonkaOMEGA spread?

Since its initial upload in 2017, MonkaOMEGA had been used in more than 20000 sets by 2020. It had been listed as a variation of the MonkaS emote on KnowYourMeme.

Monka emotes are counted among the most popular ones on Twitch TV, most likely because of the fact that they are depicting the widely known meme figure, Pepe the Frog, who’s been a prominent part of the meme side on the Internet.

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