What does VapeNation mean?

VapeNation is a emote as part of the BTTV (Better Twitch TV) browser extension, which is available to all viewers/users that have it installed.

The emote features a picture YouTube personality Ethan “H3H3” Klein, that was taken from his parody video, where he can be see making fun of vapers and those who smoke marihuana.

The emote can be used when mocking or making fun of someone in a sarcastic way on



What's the origin of VapeNation?

Ethan wanted to address vaping’s rise in popularity, as the habit was deemed “gay” by the online community endlessly.

He has created a sarcastic video, to acknowledge the memes on the internet about vaping.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube in early 2016 and has since spawned endless reaction videos, images and memes, thus prompting an emote to be added to the BTTV collection on, later that year.

Spread & Usage

How did VapeNation spread?

As of 10/12/2019 according to the website StreamElements, VapeNation is the 73rd on the list of most popular/used emotes on the website, making it one of the more popular emotes.

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