What does WidePeepoSad mean?

WidePeepoSad is yet another Peepo emote on Twitch TV, with Peepo being the cheap Chinese copy edition of Pepe the Frog.

WidePeepoSad is basically the same emote as PeepoSad, depicting a grieving Pepe with tears streaming down his beautiful Shrek coloured skin, with the only difference in appearance being that the titular emote is a stretched edition of PeepoSad.

People of course use it as a way of expression their sorrows, in the dankest manner possible.



What's the origin of WidePeepoSad?

PeepoSad had been part of the FrankerFaceZ extension since January of 2018, and its wide-screen version had been added in December of the same year, by user rSherms.

Spread & Usage

How did WidePeepoSad spread?

Funny enough, WidePeepoSad has almost twice the uses in sets as its original version, with PeepoSad appearing in but 13000, while the later edition had been adopted in almost 23000 as of April, 2020.

Someone had even created a sweater design using the emote.

Its success is probably accountable to the fact that the meme society, thus the Twitch TV users as well absolutely adore distortion both on images and in sounds, so the streaming platform’s emote is widely endorsed and utilized, because of its dankness.

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