What does WutFace mean?

WutFace, a one-of-a-kind emote concocted exclusively for Twitch.tv streaming site. It showcases the perplexed expression of Alex Mendez captured in an up-close and personal shot.

This emoticon is perfect to convey bewilderment, befuddlement or skepticism on any occasion while watching your favorite entrepreneur’s live broadcast within Twitch.tv chat room.

The popularity of “WutFace” has led to the creation of its offspring – WutFaceW. This variant zooms into the original image, adding more drama and intrigue to this already enigmatic icon.



What's the origin of WutFace?

In a moment of pure gaming glory, the original snapshot that inspired the infamous “WutFace” emote was taken from a video on June 22nd, 2014.

he man behind this hilarious facial expression is none other than Alex Mendez – an esteemed eSports commentator and host who happened to be in attendance at MLG Anaheim for game three between OpTic Gaming and Team Envious in Call of Duty.

As fate would have it, during one particularly intense close-up shot by the camera crew capturing all angles of gameplay action – Mendez‘s face twisted into what can only be described as iconic! It wasn’t long before Twitch caught wind of this priceless reaction photo; adding it immediately as their newest global emote with much fanfare.

Fast-forward to October 27th later that year, when even Mr.Mendez himself tweeted out his own picture attached with prideful enthusiasm, proving once again how powerful memes are within our culture today.

Spread & Usage

How did WutFace spread?

Following the official announcement of a new emote, Twitch users quickly adopted “WutFace” to express their shock and disbelief during streams.

Originally used in serious situations to show surprise at gameplay events (sometimes when things went wrong), it later became a way for viewers to react humorously to weird happenings on stream – whether caused by the streamer or someone in chat. For instance, if a streamer made an odd noise, fans would spam “WutFace” emotes.

Since its initial popularity surge, “WutFace” has become one of Twitch’s most frequently-used emotes, with over 100k daily uses according to twitchemotes.com stats.

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