A Potato Flew Around My Room


What does A Potato Flew Around My Room mean?

A potato flew around my room refers to the misinterpreted lyrics of the 2012 R&B pop-hit Thinkin’ Bout You, produced by singer Frank Ocean.

The misheard line of the song became popular on Vine, after somebody uploaded themselves singing the song falsely.

Several re-interpretations and video remixes were created regarding the meme over the years.


What's the origin of A Potato Flew Around My Room?

In the original song, the infamous line goes: “A tornado flew around my room.”

Vine user pg bree uploaded a video to the platform about herself singing the song, mistakenly singing “potato” instead of the word “tornado”.

As usual, folks on the internet were more than enthusiastic to exploit this grave error. In less than a year, the vine generated over 11 million views and many-many revines.

Spread & Usage

How did A Potato Flew Around My Room spread?

After the original video went viral, a new trend which utilized the audio from the video, started to emerge on Vine.

One of the more famous ones include a clip in which a potato is tied to a ventilator, while a potato flew around my room is playing in the background.

After the site Vine went down, many of these popular video remixes were re-uploaded on YouTube.

The phenomenon also surfaced on other sites as well, like Tumblr and 4chan.

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