A Whole Bunch of Turbulence


What does A Whole Bunch of Turbulence mean?

A Whole Bunch of Turbulence is a popular catchphrase of TikTokker @officialjustjo, who uses the phrase in his TikTok Live streams. The line itself went viral as he used the expression “A Whole Bunch of Turbulence,” while seemingly shaking his junk off camera.

Screen recordings of the TikTok Lives went viral on YouTube, as well as TikTok as individual clips, while they also turned into popular exploitable memes, inspiring parodies and newer content online.

@doctorevl4l A whole bunch of turbulence 😨 #justjoofficial #justjoo #hoodirony #turbulence ♬ original sound – Tae


What's the origin of A Whole Bunch of Turbulence?

TikTok user @officialjustjo began going viral on the platform in late 2021, when he began making Live streams where he was saying “A Whole Bunch of Turbulence” while seemingly shaking his willy off camera, making it clap on his thighs.

These TikTok Lives began gaining attention as other users shared clips and snippets from them, reposting them on their own pages.

2022 saw the user being banned several times, always coming back with newer and newer user names, while his videos were constantly reuploaded to YouTube and TikTok.

Spread & Usage

How did A Whole Bunch of Turbulence spread?

The most popular “A Whole Bunch of Turbulence” video comes from early 2023, althoguh the exact origin is not known, as it was uploaded and removed and reuploaded on several occasions.

One of the earliest reuploader of the video was @mccreamer609, who shared the clip on February 28th, 2023. It is in this video, that the quote “A Whole Bunch of Turbulence” comes from, and its sound had since become a viral sound on TikTok, inspiring the creation of countless humorous takes.

By April 2023, the format conquered not only TikTok, but YouTube as well, spawning compilations and remixes, while users also created a wide array of parodies and funny videos, using the turbulence gag.

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