Am I a Joke to You


What does Am I a Joke to You mean?

Am I a joke to you is a reaction image, created from a phrase, appearing in the South African soap opera Generations: The Legacy.

On the image, a visibly troubled man is asking with a grime face โ€œAm I a joke to you?โ€.

Am I a joke to you?


What's the origin of Am I a Joke to You?

The first case of the meme appeared in 2016 on Twitter, in a response of user @sizwesabo to a tweet about football.

In the picture, the character Mziwoxolo ‘Tau’ Mogale (performed by Rapulana Seiphemo) is asks the ominous question with a painful face.

Spread & Usage

How did Am I a Joke to You spread?

Following the tweet, the reaction image started going viral on Twitter as well as later Reddit, turning into a major meme format on the following years.

The meme appeared on Reddit in 2018 and a large variety of editions and jokes were created, using the template.

By 2020, the meme had spread onto Facebook meme groups, Instagram meme pages as well as various humor sites like 9GAG.

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