And They Were Roommates


What does And They Were Roommates mean?

And they were roommates, also quoted as Oh my god, they were roommates refers to a popular Vine, that turned into a viral meme on Tumblr and other sites.

Apart from the original Vine video, the meme appeared in various image macros, as well as a standalone quote.

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What's the origin of And They Were Roommates?

The original Vine was uploaded by @mattsukkar on October 25th, 2014, depicting him filming a woman passing by, having a phone conversation, saying “And they were roommates” to which he exclaims “Oh my god, they were roommates”.

It rapidly spread to Tumblr, where an embed of the video was shared.

By November 21st, 2014, the first image macro of the meme was created, depicting @mattsukkar’s face, paired with the captions “When you realize they were roommates”.

Spread & Usage

How did And They Were Roommates spread?

In the following years, as late as 2016, “And they were roommates” was mostly used in text form, replying to posts in the comments, with other users usually responding with “Oh my god, they were roommates”.

The meme established the largest presence on Vine, YouTube and Tumblr, although it also appeared on Reddit and Twitter.

“And they were roommates” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on November 17th, 2018.

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