Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands


What does Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands mean?

Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands refers to a viral picture of a former professional American football player, Anthony β€œSpice” Adams.

In the image he is wearing a bright yellow jacket, peeking from behind a tree and also rubbing his hands (hence the memes name), while licking his lips looking at someone desirably.

The meme quickly became popular, and now it is mostly used as a reaction picture in comment sections.

Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands


What's the origin of Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands?

The picture derives from one of Anthony Adams Twitter and Facebook posts, which were shared on December 27th, 2017.

Adams, with the pictures, also posted a humorous story titled The Love Story of Lemon Lovers.

The post featured a series of pictures of his recent family photoshoot. The post gained over hundreds of retweets and likes.

Spread & Usage

How did Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands spread?

However, the image only started circulating as a reaction meme in late January 2018 on Twitter. The meme saw a sudden increase in use on various social media sites in September and October.

On April 16th, 2019, an unknown Reddit user posted the first ever captioned meme based on the picture, but sadly the post only gained 9 upvotes.

Nonetheless, the first notable example was shared on July 5th, 2019 by a Redditor, dcxr whose meme post gained over 75,000 upvotes.

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