Aqua Got Norted


What does Aqua Got Norted mean?

Aqua got norted is a catchphrase from the action role-play game Kingdom Hearts III referring to the major character Aqua, who seems to be possessed by the main villain Xehanort.

The term ‘norted’ refers to Xenahort’s evil plan who joins forces of Darkness by putting pieces of him into others, similarly to how Voldemort did in the Harry Potter series by using horcruxes.


What's the origin of Aqua Got Norted?

A trailer of Kingdom Hearts III was released on June 10th, 2018 by developer Square Enix, showing one of the main characters Aqua with yellow eyes as a sign of possession by the main villain Xehanort.

Aqua is one of the main characters of Birth by Sleep, released in 2010 as a prequel of Kingdom of Hearts, who sacrificed herself for her friends by trapping herself in a Dark Realm.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the main character Sora is said to have the power to rescue her, but in the above mentioned trailer it seems ‘Aqua got norted’.

Spread & Usage

How did Aqua Got Norted spread?

The trailer scene immediately lead to heavy reactions within the Kingdom of Hearts fandom on Reddit and Twitter.

Many of the fans were shocked that their beloved character got to the Dark side, and whilst opinions were shared with the screenshot of the trailer with Aqua having yellow eyes, the meme was created.

The huge interest in the topic inspired ProZD to release a video on Youtube comparing the reaction of ’hardcore fans’ and ’casual fans’, which gained 310,000 views in a day.

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