Are We the Baddies?


What does Are We the Baddies? mean?

Are we the baddies? is a popular quote from a sketch, originating from That Mitchell and Webb Look.

The sketch revolves around two SS officers sitting in the trenches, realizing they might be on the wrong side of the war.

The phrase, as well as a screenshot of the scene is used online as a reaction image for moments, when one realizes their allegiance might be misplaced.

Are we the baddies


What's the origin of Are We the Baddies??

The sketch was first seen in the first episode of The Mitchell and Webb Look, which aired on television on September 14th, 2006.

β€œAre we the baddies?” was uploaded to YouTube by the channel rootsrockbelgium on February 7th, 2012, amassing a large number of views.

Spread & Usage

How did Are We the Baddies? spread?

The phrase would be turned into an exploitable image macro in 2015, when posts containing the line as well as screenshots of the sketch would appear on sites like FunnyJunk, Twitter and Reddit.

2016 saw the widespread endorsement of the meme, as controversial political events such as Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump at the US presidential election took place across the anglosphere.

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