Are Ya Winning Son


What does Are Ya Winning Son mean?

Are ya winning son is a popular, humorous phrase online, appearing in an exploitable image series,     build on an MS Paint comic about a father walking in on his son, playing a hentai game in virtual reality.

The comic and expression reflects on the dangers of too immersive games, which render people ignorant of their actual surroundings, resulting in a shameful display in front of someone, who was not meant to witness anything.

Are ya winning, son?


What's the origin of Are Ya Winning Son?

The exact origin of the comic is hard to pinpoint, however it’s most likely place of origin is 4chan, as the name Anon-Kun often appears in relation to the comic, which indicates to the anonymous users of the image board.

In 2014, the comic had appeared in an Occulus Rift thread on RPG Codex Forums.

Spread & Usage

How did Are Ya Winning Son spread?

Within months of its appearance on the forum, the meme had spread to FunnyJunk as well as later to Reddit, where people started uploading variations about the original content.

In May, 2020 the meme started to see a sudden resurgence in posts and searches, with new comics appearing on Reddit as well as Twitter, claiming a lot of appreciation and likes once more.

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