Are You Serious?


What does Are You Serious? mean?

Are You Serious?, also referred to as Seriously is a black and white drawing of a bewildered and seemingly enraged man or woman, mostly used in rage comics, paired with the titular captions.

Online, it was mostly used in the early 2010s as a reaction image macro, often appearing on rage comics, as well as GIFs.



What's the origin of Are You Serious??

The first male version of the meme was created, based on David Silverman’s face from American Atheists, while he was debating with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.

The drawing was first uploaded to Reddit on January 18th, 2011, after which, the sketch was used in rage comics as the “Are You Serious?” face.

In the following years, the format frequently appeared online in sites like Reddit and Facebook, as well as 9GAG, FunnyJunk and iFunny.

Spread & Usage

How did Are You Serious? spread?

On February 17th, 2011, a female version of the meme was also created, resembling the features of David Silverman, although the original model, of the image was never identified.

It went through several stages and alterations until we got our “final” female “Are You Serious?” face.

The rage comic drawing of Silverman was endorsed by American Atheists” as well, as their office in Cranford, New Jersey has a sticker on their front door.

The “Are You Serious?” reaction image was a popular meme in the early 2010s, however the great meme war of 2017 extinguished the internet’s passion toward rage comics, so this format too was left to fade into oblivion.

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