Attack and Dethrone God


What does Attack and Dethrone God mean?

Attack and dethrone god used to be a catchphrase of the radically left-leaning militant organization, named Weather Underground Organization.

The phrase became popular as a meme after it was brought up in Fox News, in relation to the 2020 George Floyd protests.


What's the origin of Attack and Dethrone God?

The ominous Fox News segment was broadcast on June 5th, 2020, where Terry Tuchie, former FBI deputy counterterror director would compare the protests to the Weather Underground Organization movement, active in the 1970’s.

During the Fox News segment, some of the main objectives of the Weather Underground Organization were displayed on screen, with one of them being “attack and dethrone god”.

Spread & Usage

How did Attack and Dethrone God spread?

The same day, tweets, featuring the phrase would be spreading around, mocking Fox News and using the expression satirically.

Memes, and image macros, featuring “attack and dethrone god” would start surfacing on Reddit and Twitter as well, with one popular format taking screenshots from Final Fantasy games.

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