What does Ayy LMAO mean?

The phrase “Ayy LMAO” is an image expression meme, which is associated with the pictures or gifs of an alien, who appears to be drunk/stoned out of his mind.

It is usually used as a reaction to something funny on the internet.

ayy lmao


What's the origin of Ayy LMAO?

The phrase/meme “Ayy LMAO” first appeared on the internet around late 2012. but the exact origin of it is unknown.

The original picture of the alien, which is used with the words “ayy lmao” on them, appeared in Spanish and Portuguese paranormal sites, from where it found its way to Twitter in early 2013. by some users referencing it in their tweets.

Spread & Usage

How did Ayy LMAO spread?

The phrase/meme “Ayy LMAO” after its appearance on Twitter, a Facebook fan page started to spread a YouTube video around the internet, with the image macro in it, which has led to other sites “bandwagoning” the use of the meme.

This has led to the infamous area 51 raid memes, where people were “trying to raid area 51” (the whole thing is in quotes, due to the security measures around the area, where if anyone even would have approached area 51, would have been shot on sight).

The meme has spawned multiple images and fake Facebook events, to organise these raids, however the popularity has since dies down.

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