Baby Yoda Soup


What does Baby Yoda Soup mean?

The already well known Baby Yoda didn’t stop at creating one meme with its mere existence; him drinking a bowl of soup, which is so miniscule, it looks like a cup of tea had also inspired the fan base of the Disney+ series; The Mandalorian.

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What's the origin of Baby Yoda Soup?

The episode, in which we may find the cute little fantasy creature aired on November 29th, 2019 under the title “Chapter 4: Sanctuary”.

The character emerges after a fight scene between the titular character of the show; The Mandalorian and Cara Dune in the camp.

The tension is comically relieved with the two brawlers looking beyond the camera and noticing the tiny, cute creature, grabbing a tiny, cute bowl and taking tiny, cute sips from it.

Spread & Usage

How did Baby Yoda Soup spread?

Not wasting any time, Twitter user @AdoptedBabyYoda posted the gif of the character taking a sip and declared that “Baby Yoda and his soup is the new sipping tea meme. I’ve said it.”

The amount of likes and retweets show that many are supporting the statement.

Following this, several content creators felt obliged to help spread the gospel of the tea sipping Yoda meme and had made numerous variations to it.

Twitter is the main platform on which these circulate, though they are also part of other sites of the internet, with mediums such as IGN and even CNN providing coverage of the meme.

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