Back to Work


What does Back to Work mean?

Back to work is the dreaded phrase of every low-to middle class person, who dares doing anything recreational in their cubicles.

It is the expression, that slowly sucks out our soul every Monday, bit by bit.


What's the origin of Back to Work?

The first recorded use of the phrase can be dated back to 1937.

It was used as a way of trying to convince striking employees to return to their duties.

Spread & Usage

How did Back to Work spread?

“Back to work” is ultra-relatable, as most of us on the internet are browsing memes as a means to pass the time at our workplace… which we loathe.

The phrase started appearing on memes in the early 2010’s, on image macros and reaction images and remains a popular reoccurring sentence up to this day.

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