What does Beans mean?

Beans are a kind of seed that certain plants use to reproduce.

They usually have a high nutrition value, and because of that, beans have been a crucial element of human and animal diet since the beginning of history.

Online, beans are often used in shitposts, usually by appearing at bizarre or unconventional places, but there are several other types of memes regarding the topic.



What's the origin of Beans?

Beans have been a source of comedy just as much as a source of nutrition for people, mostly because it often awakens flatulence reactions inside the digestive system of whoever consumes them.

In online environments, beans originally started to spread in meme format after the ironic, purposely misspelled catchphrase “I;m thinking about thos Beans” gained popularity.

After that, various types of shitpost started to interpret beans as their focuspoint.

Spread & Usage

How did Beans spread?

The I;m thinking about thos Beans phenomenon was originally a Facebook entry posted by a man called Bill Foster on the official page of Bush’s Beans, in 2015.

Later a new trend started to emerge, where people would create photo fads about canned beans spilled or placed in abnormal places, such as footwear or medical syringes.

Eventually, a Facebook page called Things filled with beans that shouldn’t be filled with beans was created in 2017. Later other pages with similar theme started to appear.

2017 was also the year when a copypasta started to circulate on Twitter. This copypasta is known as This N***a eating beans.

On YouTube, a Bush’s Beans commercial skit became the theme of a series of remix memes in 2016.

In 2018, a Del Monte Green Beans Commercial became the target of content creators in a similar fashion.

On Reddit, beans became a general spam word, that users would comment under various post that have generally nothing to do with the topic of beans.

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