What does Bekfast mean?

Bekfast (or bwekfast) is a wrongfully pronounced version of the word “breakfast”.

This expression spread as a meme online based on a 2015 Vine video, which served as a foundation of various jokes and remixes based around the topic.


What's the origin of Bekfast?

The expression originates from a popular Vine video that shows 2 children with Down-syndrome, preparing breakfast, one of them wearing a red costume.

After trying to work their way in the kitchen, a woman (believed to be their mother) enters and asks the boys “what is going on in here?”, to which the boy in the red costume replies “bekfast”.

Spread & Usage

How did Bekfast spread?

After the site Vine was deleted, the original full video was uploaded on YouTube in 2018 by channel Ur mom, which has generated over 1 million views as of today.

The catchphrase, alongside with the face of the boy uttering it, has become a subject of different photo edits in the following years, like a photoshop meme that combined the bekfast phenomenon with the poster of the movie Breakfast Club.

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