What does Bepis mean?

Bepis originally was the mispronounced version of penis. It is now widely known as the tastier version of the soda, Pepsi, as well as the arch nemesis of Conke, a soft drink similar, but danker than Coke.

“We’re out of Coke, is bepis okay?”


What's the origin of Bepis?

The first appearance of it was in 2011, when the YouTube channel PronunciationManual posted the video “How to pronounce penis” where we can hear the glorious word: bepis.

The video has become a classic since, nearly seen by all, who delve into the meme scene, setting the foundation for many other memes posted, during the decade.

Spread & Usage

How did Bepis spread?

Bepis got its Urban Dictionary definition in 2013, but the true breakthrough was in the following year, when a photo was submitted to Reddit. It contained a Pepsi truck, with Bepis written on its side, next to a Pepsi logo.

Soon after, the meme had made it to 4chan. Other photos, like the Bepis logo, as well as the Conke-Bepis series were born.

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