What does Bingus mean?

Bingus refers to the photo and video content, depicting a hairless sphynx cat, that is pet and squished by his owner, while staring at him.


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What's the origin of Bingus?

The earliest video of the sphynx cat was uploaded to Instagram on March 22nd, 2020, by subarusocks.

The video received numerous reposts and views, although it didn’t become viral just yet.

People would start calling the cat “Bingus” in the comments in June, 2020.

Spread & Usage

How did Bingus spread?

The cat would become viral, following a post to the r/ambien subreddit in September, 2020.

Posts of “Bingus” would then start emerging on various sites, ranging from Twitter to Reddit to Instagram, many with references to the Big Floppa meme.

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