Birds With Arms


What does Birds With Arms mean?

Birds with arms refers to a trend on the internet, in which people doodle or photoshop arms on images of birds.

The arms are usually placed on the body of the birds, sometimes having attributes like holding objects or being really muscular.

The very best of birds with arms


What's the origin of Birds With Arms?

The people of the internet have always had a liking for photo-editing birds.

The first thread that compiled the images of birds with arms was submitted on the website Reeelapse. 

After this, more and more people started launching threads on different forums, encouraging others to photoshop arms on birds.

Spread & Usage

How did Birds With Arms spread?

Something Awful Forums was one of the first sites that featured the meme in 2009.

However, Tumblr was the website where birds with arms became a virally known meme format.

Multiple blogs were created in the 2010s, all dedicated to fowl with excess limbs.

Later the meme was also featured on websites Smosh and Sad and Useless.

Both of the sites gathered several images of birds with arms and even discussed the occurence in greater detail.

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