Biting Lip


What does Biting Lip mean?

Biting lip refers to a popular online reaction image, depicting a girl looking into a mirror, while biting her bottom lip.

The image macro is used for depicting sexual desire, awakened in a female.

biting your lip…


What's the origin of Biting Lip?

The photo was first posted on Twitter by user @k8icky on August 30th, 2017, with the captions “Caption dis”.

It received a large number of likes and retweets.

Spread & Usage

How did Biting Lip spread?

“Biting lip” became popular as days after the original post, users on Twitter would retweet it with humorous captions, reaching an international audience all within September, 2017.

By October that year, the image macro format would appear on iFunny posts, as well as Instagram and Facebook.

“Biting lip” emerged on Reddit in 2019.

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