What does Blep mean?

Blep is the sound that somehow pops up in your head when you see a cat or any other cute animal accidentally sticking its tongue out.

Any animal that sticks its tongue out for a prolonged period of time, unknowingly, look adorable as hell, and there is no word more fitting for the situation than Blep.

Although the tongue hanging out does not actually make the Blep sound, somehow it just fits perfectly.

Cats are most famous for Blepping, but it can be attributed to other animals as well, and it is always funny.

Its meaning is similar to โ€œmlemโ€.

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What's the origin of Blep?

In 2014, a subreddit called Blep arose, and users would share images of cats, dogs and other pets Blepping.

The slang belongs to an internet language referred to as DoggoLingo, which started out as imaginary words in relation to dogs, but rapidly spread to other animals as well.

As anything animal related on the internet, the slang rapidly gained popularity.

Spread & Usage

How did Blep spread?

Blep was meme material from the very beginning, and is more often than not presented as text on an image with a cute animal sticking its tongue out.

It spread from Reddit to online slang dictionaries, followed by meme platforms and other social media platforms.

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