Bling Bling Boy


What does Bling Bling Boy mean?

Bling Bling Boy refers to the anti-hero of the children’s animated series Johnny Test.

He became a popular material for parody videos and remixes, following the release of Drake’s Hotline Bling.


What's the origin of Bling Bling Boy?

“Bling bling boy” first appeared in the Pilot episode of Johnny Test, which was never published.

He was introduced to viewers in the Season 1 Episode 1 of the series, which aired on September 17th, 2005, in the United States.

His first meme-related appearance comes from a YouTube upload by JustcallmeBiraj, which was uploaded on March 4th, 2015, under the title of Minecraft Timelapse: Bling Bling Boy.

Spread & Usage

How did Bling Bling Boy spread?

“Bling Bling Boy” gained prominence on the web following the release of Drake’s Hotline Bling videoclip, which was uploaded to YouTube on October 26th, 2015.

The following period saw the creation of numerous parodies and remixes, editing the character’s head to Drake’s dancing body, mixing it with meme songs, such as You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood.

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