Boku No Pico De Gallo


What does Boku No Pico De Gallo mean?

Boku no Pico de Gallo refers to the world’s first shotacon hentai series, released in an Original Video Animation form, or OVA, which is a popular format in anime, retaining the characteristics of a homemade video.

Online, it became popular, as users would warn each other and upload content, fitted with the phrase ‘don’t watch Boku No Pico De Gallo’.


What's the origin of Boku No Pico De Gallo?

The anime came out on September 7th, 2006, released by Natural High.

It revolves around the process of sexual self-identification, as shown through the story of Pico, who starts a romantic relationship with another boy, Chico.

Apart from that, “Boku No Pico De Gallo” also involves adults like Tamotsu with a predatory mindset, preying on the malleable nature of a child, viewing Pico as an object of sexuality.

Spread & Usage

How did Boku No Pico De Gallo spread?

Over the 2010’s, a lot of references have been made to the anime, as it is widely considered to be disturbing or straight up disgusting.

A literal heap of entries have been uploaded to Urban Dictionary about Boku No Pico, warning readers of the content they are seeking.

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