Bold Strategy, Cotton


What does Bold Strategy, Cotton mean?

Bold strategy, Cotton also known as Bold Move, Cotton refers to a quote from the comedy flick Dodgeball, that became an animal advice image macro series online.

The format is mainly used to reflect on the risky or controversial nature of a course of action, taken on by a person or a group, especially in Sportsball competitions.

The phrase on the image macros is usually displayed as “Bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.”

That’s A Bold Strategy Cotton


What's the origin of Bold Strategy, Cotton?

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story premiered in the United States on June 18th, 2004.

In one of the scenes, announcer Cotton McKnight (portrayed by Gary Michael Cole) says that one of the teams were forfeiting the championship match.

The co-announcer, Pepper Brooks (played by Jason Bateman) replies with the phrase “It’s a bold strategy, cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them”.

Spread & Usage

How did Bold Strategy, Cotton spread?

The scene started to spread as a meme in February, 2012, when Quickmeme created a page for Bold Move, Cotton.

In April, 2013, users would start posting image macros, created from the scene on the r/AdviceAnimals subreddit.

The phrase, as well as the image macro would remain popular for a long time, appearing in various Reddit threads and YouTube videos.

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