Bombastic Side Eye


What does Bombastic Side Eye mean?

Bombastic Side Eye is a viral TikTok trend, that began in January 2023, using the viral audio of a video for creating memes and lip-dub content, revolving around judging someone by looking at them through a Side Eye, similar to the origins of Maloik.

The trend became globally viral, swarming TikTokYouTube, as well as Twitter and Instagram with memes about giving someone a “Bombastic Side Eye. Criminal Offensive Side Eye”.

Bombastic side eye


What's the origin of Bombastic Side Eye?

The concept of judging someone with a Side Eye has been around for centuries, with the first documented description of the act dating back to 1797.

Since then, Side Eyeing has appeared in literature, such as James Joyce‘s Ulysses, as well as movies and television series.

Side Eye, as a meme, however didn’t appear until January 2023, when TikTok user @cynthiammasi uploaded a video of herself saying the phrase “Side Eye” multiple times, with growing emphasis, paired with captions of “yk u love me”.

This quickly turned viral and the audio was adopted by countless other TikTokkers, who created their own content to it.

“Bombastic Side Eye”, however, was coined by another TikTok user, @lmfaomal on January 22nd, who published a TikTok of herself saying “Bombastic Side Eye, Criminal Offensive Side Eye”. This swiftly replaced the original audio on TikToks, and took over the trend.

Spread & Usage

How did Bombastic Side Eye spread?

“Bombastic Side Eye” spread rapidly, appearing on a plethora of TikToks in a matter of days, while also inspiring song remixes, surfacing on Soundcloud and other streaming sites.

The TikToks then were also shared and reposted on the more populated corners of the internet, including Twitter, Instagram, as well as Reddit and YouTube, where the popularity of “Bombastic Side Eye” was growing even bigger.

By March 2023, the “Bombastic Side Eye” trend grew so big, that it inspired non-English speakers to translate the phrase to their native languages, creating a minor “Bombastic Side Eye” trend in a variety of language zones across the globe.

Overall, “Bombastic Side Eye” is proof of the random nature of TikTok, of how even the shortest video is eligible for meme exploitation, and how quick it can turn into a global trend.

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