Bone Apple Tea


What does Bone Apple Tea mean?

Bone apple tea, also encountered as bone apple teeth is an umbrella term.

It is used in relation and under images of dishes and food that look disgusting or unappetizing.

The joke’s essence is to make fun of the french phrase “bon appetit”, by imitating it with english words that are not correlated.

Other similar misspellings that use similarly sounding words are often regarded with the term bone apple tea on the internet.

Bone apple tea!


What's the origin of Bone Apple Tea?

The term’s first use is accredited to a Facebook user called Dunta Pickett.

In 2016, the person posted a photo of his meal with the caption saying: “My birthday dinner to myself…bone apple tea”.

A screenshot of the post was soon submitted on the page World Star Hip Hop, where it quickly became a viral sensation.

Spread & Usage

How did Bone Apple Tea spread?

After making its ways on Facebook, bone apple tea also got featured on Reddit /r/sadcringe

Later the phrase morphed into bone app the teeth” on Twitter, but there have been numerous other interpretations created since then.

Eventually the phrase was added to the database of Urban Dictionary as well.

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