Boom Goes the Dynamite


What does Boom Goes the Dynamite mean?

Boom goes the dynamite refers to a memorable catchphrase originating from a 2005 sportscast of Brian Collin, a then freshman studying journalism at Ball State University. 

Online, the expression grew to be a popular catchphrase, displayed on image macro memes, related to climactic events, especially in sports.

…and boom goes the dynamite.


What's the origin of Boom Goes the Dynamite?

“Boom goes the dynamite” was uttered by Brian Collin on March 22nd, 2005, when he had the opportunity to fill in for a sportscaster.

Brian’s sportscast didn’t go without trouble, as he would lose track of the script a few minutes into the sportscast.

At one point, he is commentating a basketball game between Indiana Pacers and New Jersey Nets.

It is here he says the line “Boom goes the dynamite”.

Spread & Usage

How did Boom Goes the Dynamite spread?

A clip of the sportscast was uploaded to eBaumsworld in April 2005 resulting in the phrase gaining traction online.

“Boom goes the dynamite” would be featured in pop culture as well as mainstream media, appearing in ESPN Sports Center, Family Guy, as well as The Late Show, just to list a few.

An early upload of the video was made to YouTube on December 23rd, 2005, by user Jeremy Goldman.

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