What does Boomer mean?

Boomer is a term used to describe the baby boomer generation, which refers to individuals ​born between 1946 and 1964. However, in recent years, the term “Boomer” has taken on a ⁢new meaning and is ‌often used ​to refer to older individuals who are perceived as being ​out of touch with current trends and technology.

It is ​commonly‌ used in⁢ a humorous or mocking manner‍ and often used⁢ intergenerationally,‌ especially by younger‌ generations to poke fun at ⁢older individuals who may hold outdated ‌opinions or struggle with new technology.

Online, memes about “Boomers” are rampant, most being incorporated to Wojak memes. Alternatively, “Boomer” may also be encountered in online discussions, forums, and chats, where if one criticizes a Zoomerthey might exclaim “Ok, Boomer.”

Example: Imagine a gen Z youth – aka. Zoomer – trying to teach their grandparent how to use a ⁤smartphone. If the grandparent struggles to understand ⁢the basics, the millennial might⁢ jokingly exclaim, “Okay, boomer!” This phrase would be used to express their humorous frustration towards the older generation’s unfamiliarity with modern gadgets.

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What's the origin of Boomer?

The term “Boomer” originated from ⁤the baby boomer⁣ generation.

The baby boomers⁢ were named as such because ⁤there was a significant‌ increase in birth rates following World War II. The term itself started gaining popularity in the early 2000s, as millennials and ⁣younger generations began using it to describe ⁢the ‌older generation’s sometimes outdated attitudes and beliefs. An early example of the phrase “Ok, Boomer” can be traced back to Reddit in 2009. Since then, the expression has sporadically appeared in forums and message boards, although it wasn’t very popular in the early 2010s.

It was in 2019, that reaction images, TikToks and other sorsof memes swarmed the internet, labeled with the text “Ok, Boomer.”

The meme spread through various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, TikTokYouTube and Instagram.

Spread & Usage

How did Boomer spread?

The use of the⁢ term “Boomer”‍ kept spreading over the past few years.

It has become a popular way for younger generations to vent their⁤ frustrations, mock outdated viewpoints, or challenge the opinions ‍of older ⁢individuals. Memes featuring the phrase “Okay, Boomer” have gone viral, leading to further widespread⁤ usage and understanding​ of‍ the term. Furthermore, it has even been used in popular culture, with musicians and influencers incorporating the phrase ‌into their content, such as songs and videos, creating a snowball⁢ effect in its usage.

So, next time you encounter a ​person who ‌seems a bit technologically clueless or holds traditional beliefs,‍ don’t hesitate to let out a playful ⁢”Okay, boomer.” Just remember to use it with lightheartedness and avoid offending anyone unintentionally, as it ‍is ultimately a playful dig at generational differences.

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