What does Borgar mean?

Indulge in some humor and ditch the mundane term “Burger” when placing your order at McDonald‘s. Instead, opt for the witty alternative – Borgar!

This quirky term has gained popularity as a meme among meme connoisseurs and fast food enthusiasts who enjoy adding an element of fun to their dining experience.

The trend involves sharing images of individuals ordering from various fast-food joints and responding with this comical punchline upon being asked for their preferred meal choice – “Borgar it is!”



What's the origin of Borgar?

The origin of the meme “Borgar” can be traced back to September 2016, when a Tumblr user by the name officialnickrhodes-remade shared an edited version of the comic strip titled “Good Day Sir, What would you like?”.

The said comic is divided into two parts and showcases a man driving through a fast food drive-thru in his blue car. When asked what he wants to order, he nonchalantly responds with just one word – “Borgar.”

This hilarious response has since become synonymous with internet culture and continues to tickle our funny bones even today!

Spread & Usage

How did Borgar spread?

With lightning speed, the comic amassed a whopping 230K likes and reposts, fueling an out pour of similar memes that followed suit.

A renowned rendition is the “I, Robot” variation circulated in 2018. It showcases Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith placing his order for a juicy “Borgar” with what appears to be a robot.

Initially posted on r/okbuddyretard subreddit – it quickly transcended boundaries into other subreddits where it garnered abundant upvotes galore.

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