What does Borgar mean?

A funny, silly way of saying “burger”.

If you don’t feel like being a normie and use the boring, mainstream word “burger” when ordering at McDonalds, you say Borger instead.

The term is mainly seen as part of a meme.

The memes shared normally involves an image of a person ordering from any fast food place.

After the service person asks for your order, you answer with the punchline “borgar”.

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What's the origin of Borgar?

“Borgar” was first seen on Tumbler, shared by user officialnickrhodes-remade in September  2016.

The meme he shared was an edit of the comic “Good Day Sir, What would you like”.

It is a 2-part comic featuring a man driving a blue car through a random fast food drive-tru, and the speaker asking him what he would like to order.

The second image zoomes into the face of the man in the car, leaning his elbow out the window, responding “borgar”.

Spread & Usage

How did Borgar spread?

The comic rapidly gained over 230K likes and reposts, and gave inspiration to numerous similar memes.

Another famous version is the “I, Robot” one shared in 2018. It features famous actor Will Smith, seemingly giving his “borgar” order to the robot.

It was shared on the subreddit r/okbuddyretard, but rapidly spread to other subreddits, gaining heaps of upvotes in all of them.

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