Both is Good


What does Both is Good mean?

Both is good refers to a memorable quote from the DreamWorks animation El Dorado.

Online the quote is used on reaction image macros and GIFs for expressing approval of both options presented.

Both is good.


What's the origin of Both is Good?

The expression comes from El Dorado, which was premiered by DreamWorks studios on March 31st, 2000.

At one point in the movie, the two protagonists Miguel and Tulio are shown arguing, while a volcano is seeming to be about to erupt.

It is here Tulio exclaims “Stop!” to which the volcano sucks all the smoke back.

When the natives of the city propose a choice of a nighttime feast and a morning sacrifice, the two adventurers say “Both. Both is good”.

Spread & Usage

How did Both is Good spread?

“Both is good” would start spreading initially through GIFs, starting in 2012, and it would soon appear on image macros as well, especially on sites like 9GAG, iFunny, and Reddit.

Over the years, the meme had gained greater popularity, appearing on various sites as well, like Twitter, Instagram or Imgflip.

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