What does Brainlet mean?

Brainlet is an internet slang term used to describe someone who appears to be of limited intelligence or has a small mental capacity. It is often used in a derogatory way, and it can be applied to both human beings and artificial intelligence. The term can also be used as an insult, implying that the person is not very smart or has no understanding of certain concepts.

The phrase “Brainlet” is derived from the word “brain,” and it is often associated with the popular Wojak meme, usually paired with an illustration resembling the Cumbrain template. This image serves as a visual representation of the phrase’s meaning: an individual with limited knowledge or understanding. It is also closely tied to the Smooth Brain meme, which is also used for mocking the intelligence of someone online.

Although the term “Brainlet” can be used in an offensive manner, it can also be employed in a more light-hearted manner. For example, some people may use it to joke about their own lack of intelligence, or to laugh at someone else’s missteps.

Ultimately, the phrase “Brainlet” implies someone who lacks insight into certain matters, whether due to ignorance or incapacity. While it can be used in an offensive way, it can also serve as a humorous way of pointing out someone’s shortcomings.



What's the origin of Brainlet?

The term “Brainlet” has been historically used to refer to the Cerebellum, a smaller region of the brain responsible for motor control and coordination. In more recent years, however, the term has taken on a more pejorative meaning, using the “-let” as a diminutive suffix for the word “brain”.

The first known use of “Brainlet” in this way was on 4chan’s /sci/ board on December 1st, 2015. Since then, “Brainlet” has become a popular meme on 4chan, with many users using a version of Wojak to represent the concept of being a “Brainlet”.

The term is now commonly used to describe someone who is not particularly intelligent or knowledgeable about certain topics. It is also used as an insult when someone makes an unintelligent comment or fails to understand something.


Spread & Usage

How did Brainlet spread?

The “Brainlet” meme was first defined on the online dictionary site, Urban Dictionary, in May 2017. However, it wasn’t until October of that year when the meme started to gain traction on 4chan threads and later, the r/4chan subreddit.

It was around this time when various illustrations of Wojak began circulating the web, giving birth to a whole host of variations – one of the most popular being the Grayons meme which emerged in late 2017.

Since then, the “Brainlet” format spread across the web, appearing on a wide array of memes, as well as YouTube videos and parodies, making fun of people and their lack of knowledge.

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