Bread Cat


What does Bread Cat mean?

Bread cat, also referred to as Cat breading is a popular internet meme, centered around taking pictures of cats with their heads inserted in a slice of bread.

Originally, the fad began as a pun for the word inbred.

Other cat memes include CoolCat, Ceiling Cat and Crying Cat.

Cat Bread


What's the origin of Bread Cat?

The original “Bread Cat” picture was uploaded to Tumblr on August 2nd, 2011.

It spread rapidly through various humor blogs, eventually surfacing on Reddit’s r/pics sub on August 19th.

Spread & Usage

How did Bread Cat spread?

“Bread Cat” photos emerged across the web, within the first month of their appearance.

The trend spread to sites ranging from Tumblr to Facebook and 9GAG.

By early 2012, the craze had conquered the internet, with articles rampant on sites like Gawker, International Business Times or the Herald Sun.

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