Breaking News


What does Breaking News mean?

Breaking News are photoshopped parody images to resemble news-like segments on television.

Usually many are made to look like the Morning News segments on tv new station broadcasts.

Due to the fact that they are edited pictures, they have silly, unrealistic head titles mainly to mock some news segments that were already airing live.


What's the origin of Breaking News?

It all started with a Twitter thread shared on November 30th, 2017 by the user Drony who submitted to different Breaking News templates, featuring CNN and an unknown female news anchor.

In the thread, the user was inviting others to photoshop the templates as how they want. The thread quickly got attention and people were starting to create memes upon memes out of the given templates.

Spread & Usage

How did Breaking News spread?

In June 2012, a photoshop contest was created, where the comedic website, Something Awful, featured one of the results of the contest where the creator was using a template image of Sky News anchor Jeremy Thompson.

The meme got so popular over the years, that on September 4th, 2014, TheBreakYourOwnNews app was launched, where people could create parodies using the template pictures.

From Twitter, the meme spread quickly onto many other platforms, such as Reddit, 4chan and also Facebook.

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