Bro! You Just Posted Cringe!


What does Bro! You Just Posted Cringe! mean?

Bro! You just posted cringe! refers to a popular catchphrase, appearing on a variety of reaction image macros, used for calling out someone if they have uploaded, posted or otherwise shared content that is distasteful – or as they call them online; cringe.

bro you just posted cringe


What's the origin of Bro! You Just Posted Cringe!?

The first instance of β€œBro! You just posted cringe!” comes from a 2018 iFunny image macro, uploaded by FunnyInternetMan on August 23rd.

The reaction image depicted an Annoyed Picard, captioned with the catchphrase.

Spread & Usage

How did Bro! You Just Posted Cringe! spread?

By October, 2018, the reaction image format spread to Twitter, with @_apandah_ introducing it in his tweets.

Approaching the end of the month, β€œBro! You just posted cringe!” became a recognized format on Reddit as well.

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