Brother May I Have Some Loops


What does Brother May I Have Some Loops mean?

Brother may I have some loops (also known as cats craving fruit loops) refers to a series of memes that feature pictures of cats seemingly being obsessed or asking for fruit loops cereal.

These memes can be categorized as ironic memes, as well as Twitter memes.

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What's the origin of Brother May I Have Some Loops?

The original image that inspired the creation of brother may i have some loops was a photograph of a cat yearning in front of a bowl of fruit loops, and was posted on Imgur in 2017 by a user named hugmind.

This image featured a fluffy cat sitting on its hind legs, while holding a straight posture and having a gazing look on its face, indicating a sort of weird obsession with the bowl of fruit loops.

Spread & Usage

How did Brother May I Have Some Loops spread?

The meme format spread primarily on Imgur Twitter from 2017, in different variants, mostly featuring the original image with a caption that says brother may i have some loops or something similar.

These captions stand in close reference to an already pre-existing meme brother may I have some oats, which is a copypasta-type meme also originating from Twitter.

In 2019, a death rumor of the original fruit loop cat started to spread on the web, which has led to many fan-arts dedicated to the iconic kitty. Later that year, the rumors got debunked by the owner on Facebook.

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