Buenos Dias, Fuckboy


What does Buenos Dias, Fuckboy mean?

Buenos Dias, Fuckboy is an image macro, with a picture of a mariachi skeleton, looking with an ominous, evil smile.

It is usually used to convey plans of revenge and / or evil intentions.



What's the origin of Buenos Dias, Fuckboy?

The exact origin of the picture in unknown, however according to KnowYourMeme its earliest instance was found in an image dump on imgur in 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Buenos Dias, Fuckboy spread?

The first meme occurrence of the image macro was uploaded to Reddit in 2017, by user Dankus–Memus with the caption.

Buenos Dias, Fuckboy is still a relatively underground meme, with only a few instances of usage, and recognition, however it does have a massive potential.

Unfortunately, the vast array of memes on Reddit and the internet makes it so, that it is most likely to be just yet another of the image macros someone created and uploaded, to no avail at spreading it properly.

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