Bullets Don’t Work, Jon


What does Bullets Don’t Work, Jon mean?

Bullets don’t work, Jon is a popular phrase, associated with fanart depicting Gorefield, a horror version of Garfield, reimagined as an eons old eldritch entity, that demands lasagna from Jon.

Drawings, comics and animations have all been created, revolving around the Gorefield concept, often paired with the being warning its nemesis, that “Bullets don’t work, Jon”.


What's the origin of Bullets Don’t Work, Jon?

While the original post, depicting a horror reimagination of Garfield can be traced back to the I’m sorry, Jonmeme in 2013.

However, the first posts, involving the phrase “Bullets won’t work, Jon” started appearing online in October 2018.

These mostly consisted of fanarts, and short animations, uploaded to Reddit, DeviantArt as well as Coub.

Spread & Usage

How did Bullets Don’t Work, Jon spread?

Gorefield posts started becoming more popular, following a 10-minute upload to YouTube by BigSharkZ, titled Giygarfield: Bullets won’t work, Jon… (ft. LumpyTouch).

The video depicted content from a cracked version of Earthbound, where the story of Jon encountering Giygarfield was unveiled.

BigSharkZ uploaded the video to YouTube on June 18th, 2019, amassing a large amount of views and likes over the years.

“Bullets don’t work, Jon” would later appear on sites like Reddit, 9GAG and FunnyJunk.

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