Can Cats Have Salami


What does Can Cats Have Salami mean?

Can cats have salami refers to a popular image macro series, revolving around the debate whether salami is safe to consume for snacks in small amounts.


What's the origin of Can Cats Have Salami?

The phrase originates from an article, published on MeatMenStore on July 6th, 2017, with the title “Can my cat eat salami?”.

It was first introduced to Reddit on February 28th, 2019, when a user posted a screenshot of the article into the r/meow_irl sub.

Spread & Usage

How did Can Cats Have Salami spread?

Memes soon followed, with image macros appearing on the r/me_irl sub as early as April, 2019.

Later in 2019, the format would spread to sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Imgur.

A popular iteration of the meme can be tied to Bernie Sanders, users online had created image macros of the politician debating if “Cats can have salami”.

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